June 3, 2010

I Bleed Green!

So here we are again, the Boston Celtics have started another playoffs series with none other than the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a rivalry that dates back to 1959, these two teams have played 12 match ups and the Celtics have won 9 of 12 (the first 8 in a row!) This next meeting is history in the making - The Celtics lead with 17 total world championships, and the Lakers not too far behind at 15. There is a lot riding on this series, so it'll be one for the ages!

Whichever team you're rooting for, check out our What's Hot > Which Hue is You? section to find "Go Green" or "Hello Yellow" to get the proper color gear to sport at the game (if you were lucky enough to get tickets) or at the local sports bar to cheer on your team. My husband says that when I signed our marrige license, I vowed to be a Celtics fan for life! GO CELTS!