February 24, 2010

Not Lovin' the Mini Dress!! :(

There is a trend that I am not a big fan of and that is the mini dress. I was shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding in April and all the dresses I found were super, super short. I want to look stylish and classy at the wedding and I really don't think that a mini-dress is the way to do that. I can guarantee that if I where a dress that short I will most definitely have at least one embarrassing moment at the wedding. Mini dresses look great with leggings for embarassment prevention but I feel like the leggings dress down the outfit and make it less appropriate for a wedding. Well hopefully I'll find something...I think I've given myself plenty of shopping time. Wish me luck!

by Sara

February 22, 2010

Fashion in the Modern Era

By Guest Blogger: Cecilia

Let's all be like the old Betsy McCall Doll and wear the same outfits each month; cute, trendy and certain that we, in the USA will all think the trendy clothes are "just my style". No. No. No. We are more diverse in this country than ever. I am in my fifties and very active, I love skirts and jeans for every day wear. I know that most men like to see a woman in ankle or ballet length skirts. . . Men tell me they like my clothes but I seldom find any thing in the "Major" Clothing Store chains at my local mall that I love!

Recently a small shop opened at the mall and there were the clothes I would design and wear: FINALLY. They also sell Yoga Clothing which isn't a trend but the clothes are great for comfort and flexibility when doing any type of work-out. I know many women that are into yoga even in this remote far "North" town. I have been practicing for 6 years and consider it the best kept secret of this New Era. It is really a way of life and that spills over into "fashion sense"

Most of us females yearn to feel freedom of movement in our clothes. Cotton or Rayon, crinkle skirts can be gorgeous and look and feel great. Men compliment me all the time and say I look like a "lady" - I like that! Okay. Many will not agree but I do dress for my sense of style. Being a redhead means certain colors look good on me with my hair & fair skin. One of the colors that is a basic in my wardrobe is really not a color: Black. I have been told by men friends and my girlfriends that it looks great on me. That's one of the things that fashion "maker's" often forget is the color choices. The stores are often sold out of certain colors; often the basics white, black, red. This should tell the buyers to buy more and keep tabs on the sizes that sell out first so they can adjust ordering.

I have wanted to say this for a long time; we are all unique. True But still most women of the New Millennium want to look feminine. Jeans are for all ages, shapes and sizes of women. but the "Trend makes" us settle for the low cut hiphugger or below the waist styles. and for women with a long torso but not "Tall" this is torture to wear. If you are as slim as a runway model you might pull it off. I see so many college age young women in tight-fitting jeans with snug t-shirts that are NOT super thin but not "fat" but these clothes in the sizes they wear make them look awful; and they do it because that's what's in the "Mall-stores." One of the stores that caters to the ultra young and thin is M*******. Some of their clothes are okay, but I always feel depressed in that store. The merchandise, if for the new "Season" is way overpriced!
I used to shop sales there or buy gifts for my daughter (she's 20) but no more. I am serious. There needs to be more input from women in their 40's and up on the type of clothes WE want to see in stores.
And, by the way, Oprah is 56. Her own fashion "look" compliments her assets; she looks great in the clothes she wears, but most of us do not have her "resources."

February 16, 2010

Happy President's Day

This President's Day I am singing praises for the HBO mini series John Adams. My husband and I just finished the 7 part series on our 1st Vice President and 2nd President (thanks to Netflix!). Based on David McCullough's best selling book, the series tells the extraordinary story of the first 50 years of these United States through the eyes of one of our most dynamic founding fathers.

The story of John Adam's life had me captivated from beginning to end. It documents the details of his fiercely independent spirit, his loving relationship with his wife Abigail and his friendships and struggles with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

I had not realized that John Adams defended, and won, the case for the British soldiers involved in the Boston massacre. And I found it so intriguing that John Adams died on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence - and the same day as the death of his beloved friend Thomas Jefferson.

Costume design and visual effects are also outstanding in this series. Whether the story is taking place in the early American states or abroad in France and Great Britain, the attention to detail given to the clothing and surroundings greatly enhances the experience.

My rating is two thumbs up for this award winning series! Let me know what you think.

by Suzy

February 12, 2010

Happy “overrated” Day

I went into Hallmark the other day to get my mother a birthday card and was overwhelmed with the colors red, pink and white. There were hearts everywhere, romantic music coming from the speakers, people cramming the aisles looking at cards and a nauseating scent of chocolate…this means one thing…Feb 14th must be approaching…and oh how I dread it!!!

Valentine’s Day, I feel, categorizes everyone into 2 groups: the first group includes those who are single and hate this day just because they feel the pressure to hate the day because everyone else who is single hates the day…ugh. Why do you hate a day? And why do you feel the need to vocalize how much you hate it?

The second group are those who “looooove” Valentine’s Day soooo much because its sooo sweet and such a great day to be able to share your love with your partner.... Come on…if you are in love, you can share it everyday with the person. You don’t have to announce it on full blast on Feb 14th, that you are in love. I hope you are in love 365 days a year, not just this one…but thanks for posting it on your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace…we are glad this one day makes you feel more in love than ever, but just remember those flowers you think are oh so special, were sent to a million other people in the world! And just maybe the husband, boyfriend or admirer remembered it was Valentine’s Day that morning…

Wait, look at me writing all this!!! I am just a big grouch!!!! All I am doing writing this is complaining!! I never thought of myself as someone who hates v-day and complains, but here I am, complaining in a blog!!!! Yikes!! Hmm, maybe because every year I get a card from my husband which you can tell it was the last card left on the shelf and he writes in pencil and the seal is still wet when I open it! Haha!!

You know, Maybe people just hate the day because it’s a silly manufactured holiday!
It’s just another day of the year. I guess we can complain every year about how stupid it is, but you know, I guess if it makes people happy and feel special then its not so bad!!!!! And those who complain, well, you have good reason, too! It’s a silly day that is way overdone!! So, I can see both sides of this “holiday”.

What about you? Do you hate it or love it?
By Beth

February 11, 2010

love layers

this time of year i always end up in a bit of a winter clothing conundrum - i'm already sick of winter, but we still have another 2 months before i can even think of putting on flip flops. what makes it extra hard is this year, my area of the office is a temperature guessing game. it's a gamble to wear a sweater because the heat might be blasting; but wearing just a t-shirt could result with me wearing my fingerless gloves & a blanket all day. so for the last few weeks i've opted for the super-duper layered approach. i start with a long tank top for insulation, then add a t-shirt (or two), a long sleeve knit top, and either a cardigan or a scarf looped around my neck. it gives me lots of temperature options for the day - i can take off and put back on all day long! what's fun is that soon we're going to be selling these kinds of styles here - it will make it very easy for me to get a few new colors to freshen my wardrobe! various length knit tees, cardigans, and scarves will be on metrostyle.com around 2/22...

February 10, 2010

Runway to Real Life: Safari Style

Each spring, the “Safari” look comes back as a key trend. And each year, it’s slightly different than the year before.

This year’s Safari style is a little less structured and a little more relaxed, with a hint of military-inspired detail. Key items include the trench coat, shirtdress, safari jacket and cargo pants.

What’s great about this look is that it’s very “wear now” … It’s warm enough to wear at the end of winter, but has a fresh “new” look that we’re all craving right about now.

If you’re looking for a splurge, check out the new safari-inspired looks by designer MaxMara (visit style.com to see the runway show). For the luxe silk and linen look shown above, expect to dish out between $1,500-$2,000 (guess-timated).

Of course, if you’re looking for a steal, check out the soft twill version from metrostyle. The blazer ($35) and cargo pants ($30) will be available for purchase beginning 2/22/10.

By: Bren B

February 5, 2010

Be Our Guest... Blogger!

Want to write a post for this blog? Email us your style tips, fashion faves or views on fashion, and we’ll post it!

You could:
- Share your favorite fashion tips
- Review a fashion trend
- Comment on celebrity fashion
- Talk about your views on fashion today
The subject is up to you!

To submit you post, simple email your post & any pictures you’d like featured to metrostyleblog@gmail.com

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NOTE: Some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.


This fashion trend was big in spring summer 2009 and it continues to be big for this spring and summer of 2010. So below are some useful tips on how to rock this look.

1. Choose a style that suits your body. If you are big busted avoid bandeau styles and look for V-necked designs. Long jumpsuits look best on curvy bodies, while the romper style suits shorter women best.
2. Accessorize! If you are wearing a basic black colored jumpsuit pair it with a cropped jacket in a contrasting color or bold jewelry. Also cinch your waist with a wide belt.
3. Patterns: Choose solid color pieces with contrasting pattern. Never ever wear jumpsuits that are patterned from head-to-toe.
4. Shoes. If you are tall wearing a long jumpsuit pair it with flats. Shorter length jumpsuits look good with heels which help to length your legs.
5. Fabrics: Fabrics like silk will hug your curves far more than denim or cotton. So choose a fabric that suits your body best.

By Diane

February 4, 2010

Florida Vacation!

My husband and I have a wedding to attend in Florida in April. We are totally excited to be leaving New England especially because come April we’ve about had it with the never-ending winter. We are flying down with my mother in law who will be staying with friends while my husband and I spend a week at a resort. We were thinking of going to the Keys for the trip but we have not made a final decision. The wedding is in the Orlando area. Does anyone have a suggestion or Florida vacation memories to share?

by Sara

February 2, 2010

The Best & Worst Dressed for the Grammies!

Did anyone watch the best & worst dressed on the E channel last night? I love when they present the best & worst dressed celebrities, it’s so exciting to watch! I also love Joan River’s “off the wall” comments, she cracks me up! I don’t want to give away the winners in case you haven’t seen it yet…so I’ll just give you my choices for best dressed ladies!

My two favorite ladies of the night were Pink & Fergie! Pink’s dress was absolutely gorgeous; she looked stunning. Not only did Pink rock the red carpet but her performance was amazing as well! I loved Fergie’s dress too—very sexy and the I loved the color! Who were your top picks for the red carpet?

February 1, 2010

Jennifer Hudson's Purple Dress

Did anyone see Jennifer Hudson's purple dress at the Grammy's? It's certainly a distinct look...what do you guys think?