February 27, 2009

How high do you heel?

When it comes shoes, how high do you like your heels? 2 inches? 3 inches? 4+ inches? Be sure to let us know your preference by voting in this week's poll.

Here are the results of last week's poll

February 25, 2009

Accessory Rewind

Last night I was trying to get an outfit together to wear to work and was thinking how a couple long strands of pearls would look fabulous. It was too late to run to the store so, I asked my grandmother who lives with me if I could look through her stash of jewelry. Sure enough, she had about a dozen different strands of pearls in all different lengths. Success! Then my mom brought out her own collection of accessories and before I knew it, I was being handed beautiful pieces of jewelry, each one presenting a different style from past decades!

It was better than shopping because everything was FREE. No price tag, no tax, no shipping and handling, and in this economy what could possibly be better than that?! I suggest you all do an accessory rewind and ask your grandmothers, moms, aunts, older sisters, and even your in-laws, to look through their old stuff. Just think of all the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and belts that are waiting to be worn again! You never know what piece of vintage jewelry will catch your eye. It’s also a good way to try out styles you wouldn’t want to purchase or would never think to try on your own. My favorite necklace is a choker my dad gave my mom way back when they were dating and now it's all mine! So ladies, give it a try, save yourself a buck, and don’t forget to let me know what you find!


February 24, 2009

Jessica in the City

I was so excited to hear that one of our metrostyle models, Jessica Hart, was on TV! I had never checked out the MTV show "The City" but after hearing at the office that Jessica was on it, I had to tune in. The quasi reality show takes place in NYC and is a spinoff of the hit show "The Hills". Unfortunately, I was disappointed as she only made a cameo appearance 10 minutes or so into the episode I watched. She is standing behind the main characters in the club scene at the cutting room. But if you are interested in seeing a metrostyle model star siting--check out this weeks episode on MTV.com she has "lines" this time!
by Gabby

February 23, 2009

Just an illusion?

As an employee of metrostyle - I get to hang out with all the beautiful models that we work with… not really! My interaction with them is limited to their pictures on our catalogs and website. What is interesting to me however is to see pictures of our customers in their favorite metrostyle clothing (see reviews for pics). It made me wonder how people would react to seeing everyday people in their favorite brand's clothing instead of just “good-looking” models all the time. What do you think? Should companies switch it up every now and then and show us models that we can actually relate to?

By keNzo

February 20, 2009

Who did it best at Fashion Week??

At fashion week one of the hottest trends coming down the runway was Metallics!!!

Who do you think did this trend the best? Derek Lam (left) or Badgley Mischka(Right)? Check out these gold dresses, both are elegant yet super sexy!!
Regardless of which designer showcased the trend the best, slip into one of these dresses and you will be the talk of the town!!
My vote goes to Derek Lam, I love the one shoulder style of the dress. The black belt and shoes, bare legs, really keeps this dress surprisingly simple yet still amazingly stunning!!!

By Beth

February 19, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl......

How I love her. Despite arguments of anatomical enhancement, Barbie is a role model for all girls. She has been an astronaut, lifeguard, veterinarian, business woman, ball room dancer, and rock star (with way more talent than Jem!). Not to mention the Dreamhouse and the hot boyfriend! She does it all while wearing stilettos with ease and maintaining a perfect blonde coiffe.

Designers have lined up to dress her. She has been spotted wearing Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Christian Dior, and of course her favorite, Bob Mackie. She’s even being honored this week at Fashion Week in NYC with her very own runway show! http://barbiemedia.com/?vid=94

My loyalty to her outlasted any other childhood memento. At high school parties I was the picture of cool, posing in my brightly colored denim and trying not to choke on my cigarette. “Let’s hang out tomorrow,” I would say to my friend, then whisper, “bring your Barbies!” She would reply, “I will,” and then hiss, “DON’T TELL ANYONE!” We would die if anyone knew we still played with dolls. But my devotion to Barbie outweighed the fear of being discovered by my peers.

Years later I got engaged on Christmas Eve. The next morning, my mother handed me a wrapped box in a familiar shape: Wedding Day Barbie. She sits on a shelf in my closet where I can see her…a daily reminder to be a good wife, a loving mother, a strong woman. I know I would have turned out okay without her, but I wonder what would be different had I never been given that first doll.

Although she never seems to age, this year Barbie turns 50. Happy birthday to a woman who does it all…always in perfect fashion.
by Sarah


I have been falling out of celebrities little by little...
(And yes I am that shallow and proud of it)
No actually a lot !

They are constantly doing just dumb things!!!
For example,
Driving while drunk when you can afford a driver
And crashing into people when you can afford to pay a driver
And throwing cell phones at people’s head
And allegedly impregnating contestants during the taping of “for the love of Ray J” (yes I watch that show, all of a sudden Ray J has some kind of "swagger" )
And allegedly slapping their girlfriend in the face while in the Lamborghini the night before the Grammy Awards!

I could go on and on
But I’ll say no more except just plain Dumb!

By Lee Lee

February 17, 2009

NYC Fashion Week: Economy Chic

Mommy, where do trends come from? Why, from fashion week, my dear!

Friday, 2/13 through Friday, 2/20, fashion designers are unveiling their fall 09 collections on the runways of NYC, and with them, the next big trends in fashion.

What’s showing up so far? The common thread is economy dressing, though the interpretation of this is as varied as the designers themselves.

Some are opting for what’s being donned a “sexy uniform” of smartly styled mix and match separates, easy knits and monochromatic color palettes.

Others are focusing on dramatic statement styles meant to be offset with essentials. Think: bold prints, leather, lace and lots, and lots of shimmer.

While others still are using fashion as a form of escapism, taking inspiration from “the good old days.” Here we're getting glimpses of feel-good eras like the 80s.

Of course, the week’s not over yet… What could possibly be next?!

By: Bren B

February 16, 2009

Poll: Blast From The Past

3 words: acid washed jeans. They’re back as the newest celebrity fashion craze!

We all know what we see on celebs now, we will be seeing in stores soon. The question is: are you dying to get in on the acid washed denim trend, or are you planning to sit this one out?

PREVIOUS POLL RESULTS: What do you think of metrostyle's new swimwear collection?
50% love it 10% hate it 39% want to see more

By. Bren B

February 13, 2009

How To Avoid The Muffin Top

The first important thing to avoid the dreaded muffin top is to wear clothes that fit you. Pay close attention to the size of the clothing you purchase especially low waisted skirts and jeans. In fact they can make a muffin top look even more pronounce and make us look heavier than what we really are. Instead choose mid-rise skirts and jeans so that the appearance of a muffin top can be concealed. Secondly if you decide to wear a belt make sure it’s not belted to tightly which can encourage the appearance of the muffin top. Wear the belt loosely but comfortable so that you do not feel constricted or position the belt below your waistline so that the belt rests loosely on your hips. This can give a leaner look to a woman who has a muffin top. Also you can add flirtatious accessories such as a handbag to draw the attention away from the midsection. If, despite the tips above, you still find that your muffin top is visible, try one of the many body-shapers that are on the market today. Choose one that is high waist to completely smooth the tummy.

By Diane

February 12, 2009

Valentines Xperience!

Looking for a unique gift to give to your special someone for Valentine's Day? Tired of giving or receiving the standard flowers, or chocolate. I have found the perfect gift for someone looking for something out of the ordinary. Xperience Days is a company specializing in Experience Gifts. What is an experience gift you ask. An experience gift is just as it sounds. You pay for your significant other to have an experience such as riding in a hot air balloon, or taking a gourmet culinary class, or for the real thrill seekers they even have sky diving, or flying in a fighter plane.
Yes, some of these experiences can be expensive but they do have an extensive list of gifts under $100 which in this tough economy is very important. They even provide the option of purchasing Xperience Days Dollars rather than purchasing a specific experience. So if you are out of ideas of what to buy your loved one or are tired of receiving the same old boring gifts from them drop a couple of hits leading them to the perfect Xperience.

By Sara

February 11, 2009

Get ready for Fashion Week!

Be on the lookout for the hot new fall trends that hit the runways February 13th-through February 20th! Here are just a few of the trends I'm excited about: lace, animal prints & patterns and bold graphic prints! I am a conservative woman by day but love to spice things up at night & on the weekends!! I'm so excited to break out my animal print dress & my snake skin boots--to me there is nothing sexier!! I also love bold graphic prints--what woman doesn't like to be noticed while out on the town with her girls? What are your thoughts on the new Fall 2009 trends?
Stay tuned for more fashion week updates!

By Sally

February 10, 2009

The Same Look For A Whole Lot Less!!!

Why pay $1,150 for a Max Mara wrap dress in taffeta when you can get it in cotton/spandex from metrostyle for $39.99? You may think that taffeta is more dressy and is great for attending a wedding but not anymore. Cotton dresses are becoming more and more popular to wear to weddings. With the tough economy, people are not having expensive black tie weddings. So next time you get invited to one, do not worry about spending over $100 on just the dress, find the look for a lot less!

By Allie

February 9, 2009

Our First National Ad Campaign

Keep your eyes peeled for the new metrostyle ad in the March issues (on newsstands now!) of Cosmopolitan, Essence, Marie Claire, Latina and "O" the Oprah Magazine. It's our first national ad campaign and we think it's unique and simple approach fits right in with metrostyle's mission to providing great style at a reasonable price.

Bonus points to the first person who finds it 'out in the wild'. Snap a pic with your cellphone or digital camera and emails us the image so we can post it up here on the blog.

By Jon

February 6, 2009

Old Friends

When I think about old friends I remember childhood friends, the boy who visited his grandparents next door that I had a wicked crush on, my great friends from the drama club in high school, my college buddies and my favorite t-shirt. That's right, my favorite lime green t-shirt! It isn't even really all that old, only about a year.

My t-shirt and my old friends make me feel comfortable, they allow me to show the real me. No hiding behind formalities. They are both always there for me. Eventually though, my t-shirt will wear out, just like old friends which may come and go, but with everything in life the good ones always last, whether it's just in your heart or stored in a box for safe keeping.

Whatever it is you love, wear it whenever you can. Surround yourself with only those clothes you love and that make you feel wonderful. There should be no doubts in your closet! That goes for friends, too. Let yourself be loved and share your love with your old friends.

Today I am not wearing my favorite shirt. I'm wearing red. I'm participating in Go Red For Women Day part of the American Heart Association along with millions of women, men, children and pets across the country.

February 5, 2009

Toys of Yesterday...Fashion Plates!

Since I have been on a kick of reminiscing about the 80's lately... I have to mention Fashion Plates. They had to be one of my favorite toys in the 1980's. I played with them all through elementary school. My older sister had the original set and then later my grandmother bought me the Barbie set since we were always arguing over who would get to play with them first.

I think fashion plates were a great toy. They inspired creativity and made us feel like great designers and artists. Each set (as there were a variety) could be used interchangeably since the necks and waists from each tile lined up. Then there were textures you could apply to the clothing designs as well.

Both my sister and I loved playing with them and hanging our designs up in our room.  I remember I always used one particular head the most often because I thought she looked like me... or at least we had the same hairstyle!  For awhile I thought I would become a great fashion designer!  

Here at metrostyle, the art directors use what we call "renderings" on the catalog layouts. These sketches are placed on the catalog layouts before a book is photographed so the creative team can refer to them  during a photo shoot to recall how to shoot a product and position the models.   When I first began working here-- I immediately thought these renderings looked like my childhood Fashion Plates drawings.

I would love to get my hands on another set of  Fashion Plates...just for nostalgia--really!  But until then,  I am fortunate to have a job where while doing my everyday work I am reminded of being a kid again!

by Gabby

February 4, 2009

What do you think of the new 2009 SpringTrend "Geometry Lessons"?

The results are in and it seems that everyone (well 55% anyway) finds the new Geometry trends hideous! Here are the final results of last week's poll:

We have a new question for you this week - What do you think of our new swimwear collection? love it? hate it? or want to see more?
Be sure to let us know by voting in this week's poll.

Thank you to everyone that voted!

February 3, 2009

Buttons...Buttons? Buttons!!

You know how whenever you buy a garment with buttons or sequins it always comes with extra ones?.....yeah I save them too, as does every other woman I know. There are a rare few who will ever use those extra buttons on the garment it was intended for. So, I still have about 10 years of buttons even after the last purge. Buttons are cool and all, but now what?!?

There are countless articles floating out there on the net of all of the nifty things you can do with buttons. I read some of these articles and I’m sorry to inform anyone who might be reading this that owes me a birthday present, but I do not want a button wreath for my birthday, please cross that off your list; Nor would I like curtain tie backs or a bookmark, though that one is starting to look more appealing as I have a few books I’m right in the middle of reading.

A few things I did find interesting were: making your own jewelry out of the buttons or sequins, or even embellishing some jeans or putting new buttons on a shirt that could use a new look.

If you’re like me and thinking, “Wow that sounds like fun! I’d like to do that, tell me more about it. Maybe my BFF will come over and we can make jewelry together and eat nachos!” Don’t panic on my behalf.

I have two choices-

I could invite my friend over as planned, bake something and make some earrings and bracelets with basic elastic and ear wires from a craft store, get restless and decide “this is hard” (which its not, I’m just lazy) and quit after making a piece or two of jewelry, which I think is productive. Then revisit this button bucket issue next year; Or I could give my buttons to a friend and let them figure out what to do with them.

That reminds me. I need to call my sister. :)

Happy Buttoning!


February 2, 2009

What was I thinking!?! Trends of the past

I always find it interesting what new trends pop up each year. Some are flashbacks from earlier eras and a few are new ideas... but no matter how ridiculous or expensive a trend is there are just some things we have to have. When I sit back and reminisce, I remember all the trends I became a fashion victim to in the past. I find myself saying to myself "What was I thinking!"

Trends of the 1980's had to be the most original. Instead of rekindling trends of the past, whatever was the most original and extreme came into favor. The influence of the media really came into play in the 1980's. Between MTV, music, television and the movies...the influence of the media on fashion was huge in the 1980's. Madonna, Dynasty, Michael Jackson, Dallas, Princess Diana, Flashdance and Miami Vice all influenced fashions during this time. No wonder the mix of trends in the 1980's was so varied.

Remember acid wash jeans, jelly shoes, shoulder pads, big punk hair, fluorescent clothing, leg warmers (multiple pairs), skids, parachute pants, lace gloves, jelly bracelets, plastic bangles, banana clips, pin/cuffing jeans. Remember the brands Ocean Pacific, Jordache, LA Gear, Izod, Vans, Members Only and Esprit?

What was the most outrageous trend you wore in the 1980's?

by Gabby