June 30, 2009

New Wear-Now Collection

Our new Wear-Now Collection is going to be launched in summer...but it's really the beginning of our fabulous fall season!

Right now, there's a sneak preview of just a few of the items on the website. Check out the Asian-inspired designs, peep-toe pumps, sequin tanks that sparkle, and handbags that you will fall head over heels for! And don't take my word for it...you can keep your finger on the pulse of these hot items by following the customer reviews... or better yet be a trend setter and be the first to post a review!

My favorite- I love the patch pocket chemise, it's one hot little dress! Let me know your fave, and happy shopping!

by Suzy

June 29, 2009

Desk to Dinner

If you’re like me, you often have to go right from work to your dinner plans without a minute to think about what you're wearing! It is easy to find something to wear that is acceptable for work and stylish for dinner when you shop metrostyle! Today, I am wearing our Striped Chiffon Halter Top, it is just so colorful and eye-catching. While I am at work I have it on underneath a solid color jacket, (which I will leave in the car when I go out for dinner!) I have this look paired with white capris and our purple Fringed Sandals. With this ensemble you’ll be ready for the entire day, whether you're hard at work at your desk or out to dinner enjoying yourself! Isn't it nice to know you don't have to think about what you have on and concentrate on getting to dinner on time?? Let me know how many compliments you get…you can thank me later.

by LB

June 26, 2009

Loss of a Legend

June 25th was an awful day. It started out good enough with the sun shining for the first time in weeks but later in the afternoon, it all went downhill. Michael Jackson died and with him, we lost a legend. And when I say we, I mean you, me, the world. It's a much sadder place here when you realize that the man will no longer be making music that makes us dance and sing. I must admit, Michael was one of my idols growing up. His youth, his charisma, that crazy hair.

Everything about him reeked of cool. I went gaga over Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and Beat It. Sang and danced along with friends to Thriller (come on, who didn't imitate the zombie dance moves at least once?). The 90s may have found me a bit older but I still rocked out to Black or White and Scream. I even loved the simplicity of You Are Not Alone, though it made dancing to it a bit more difficult.

Michael was an enduring musical icon, yes, and we'll definitely miss him for the music he gave us and all that he had left to give. But let's not forget that he was also a fashion maven. One that will be missed as much for his music as for his own unaffected sense of style. Michael Jackson never cared what other people thought of him and because of that, he managed to set trends like no one else could. The man pulled off tight jeans, white socks, and a button down shirt effortlessly. And his red leather jacket with zippered details and parachute pants were the epitome of the 80s. He wore gold plated military jackets far before the look became cool and there were of course the single glove, the fedora, and the arm band that he added as compliments to every outfit. He took the mundane and made it cool in much the same way that he took his lyrics and made them shine. I never thought I'd see a legend pass so quickly and so early. Michael Jackson will be missed by all of us.

by Mr.Y

June 25, 2009

Fashion Muse

One of my favorite celebrities is Pink (aka P!nk) i love her music and her attitude. she doesn’t conform to the typical pop-princess rules and has managed to be a huge success by being true to herself (or as much as she can be on a major record label). she doesn’t take herself too seriously - she knows how to have fun in her clothes & in her life. she has a good range - on all of her albums she has fast upbeat music but also has some pretty ballads. and her style is just the same - she can be styled super punky, but still has a sexy edge, other times she is very casual in a tank & cargo pants, but in a feminine way, and other times she is glamorous for the red carpet but always has her signature tattoos showing - i love it! she is definitely one of my style “hero’s”. in the fantasyland in my head, if i was a celebrity, i i think i would dress similar to her. in my day-to-day life, i definitely can’t dress to the extremes she does (i don’t have her figure either!), but i think her style is fun & inspiring.

by shirley


So a friend of mine took chance and went out on a date with a guy she met in the club.
You know how it is when you meet a guy in a club (hmm Hmm)
Let's just say they went to a chain restaurant. She was looking fly, tight dress and sexy shoes.
She ordered appetizers, chicken entree and a few drinks.

He ordered appetizers the surf and turf, and several drinks.
They laughed, they talked, they dined.

She's seeing the potential for the second date or maybe even more.

So the bill came and no one moved.
He looked at the bill and she looked at bill.
He looked and she looked.
She went to the bathroom and came back and the bill was still there.
She looked at the bill and he looked at the bill. Then he finally said, "I left my wallet at home"

Being the woman that she is she paid the bill and left him sitting at the table.
If it was me, I would ran out and left him there to wash the dishes to cover the charges.

What a Cheapo!

June 23, 2009

Poll Time!

Hey Everyone!

Once again, we are looking for your input....please cast your vote in our new poll. What is the most essential "basic" in your wardrobe? We all have something we can't live without! Is it those jeans you can wear with either flats or heels? Maybe its the little black dress that takes off 5 pounds? Or could it be the favorite sweats that comfort you after a long day?

And the results of last weeks poll are...

Will you embrace the new "strong shoulders" trend?

Yes...I love the drama! 13% (5)

Maybe, but I need to be convinced 18% (7)

No way! I will never wear this look 66% (26)

June 22, 2009

Q&A: How do I deal with puffy eyes?

Dear fashion team:
I love makeup and especially eye make up, but what can you do when you have a lil' puffiness under your eyes? Please tell me what I can do to make it less noticeable. Thank you! ~ Franchesca

Hi Franchesca. Thanks for writing in. Our expertise lies more in fashion, but being a bunch of girlie girls ourselves, we do have a few suggestions that may help you.

To prevent puffiness:

Drink lots of water. Puffiness can occur as a result of being dehydrated.
Get some sleep! Simply being rested will help...try to get a good 7-8 hours a night.
Replace your eye makeup every 2 months. Bacteria from old eye makeup can cause inflammation. So toss any old mascara and eyeliner...you know you want something fun and new anyway!

To disguise puffiness:

Apply a cold compress to the puffy area. Slice up some cucumbers, put them over your eyes and relax on the couch for a while!
Try hemorrhoid cream. Now, you should know that there is no clinical proof that this works, but some people swear that a dab of cream under the eye will reduce puffiness. (If you try this, let us know, we're curious to know your results!)
Use makeup to accentuate your upper lid and downplay your under eye:
1. Use a darker shadow in the crease of the eye.
2. Dab on a highlighter shade in the inner corners of the eyes.
3. Use eye liner to line your upper lashes only. Avoid lining under lower lashes, as that will just accentuate any puffiness.
4. Use mascara on your upper lashes, especially the outer lashes, and none on lower lashes.

June 19, 2009

Those Shoes are So High School!

My colleague (who we will call Mushroom because he is such a fun guy) still wears a pair of shoes that he purchased as a freshman in high school. I don’t even remember what the shoes I purchased in high school looked like let alone still own them. Women’s fashions and trends change so quickly and so drastically that it is nearly impossible to still wear something from our past. Men’s fashions on the other hand barely change and any changes that do occur are subtle. Ladies am I mistaken do any of you still wear something that you purchased in high school or maybe even college?

by Sara

June 18, 2009

What does your hair color say about you?

I read an article about hair color & first impressions. See what others are saying about your hair color...

Extra Light Blonde
Positive: Glamorous, youthful, feminine and vulnerable.
Negative: Frivolous or not capable.
Peachy Blonde
Positive: Warm, inviting and youthful charm.
Negative: This may be the perfect color since it doesn't invoke the strong negative feelings of a lighter blonde shade.
True Red
Positive: A fiery and passionate spirit.
Negative: Angry, unreasonable and hot-tempered.
Golden or Orange
Positive: Glowing, bright and cheerful.
Negative: It can be seen as loud or brassy.
Positive: Reliable, no-nonsense.
Negative: No imagination.
Dark Brown and Black
Positive: Mysterious or artistic.
Negative: Shadowy and untrustworthy.
Read more

June 17, 2009

Trend alert- colorful sunglasses!

In case you haven't noticed, bright frames are one of the hottest trends this season! You may be afraid to pick up a pair of purple or hot pink shades next time you are at the mall but not to worry, you will be seeing them on everyone this summer! Here are a couple tips when picking the right colored shades for you:

1. If your skin has yellow undertones, orange and navy are best. Cool and olive skintones should wear blue, pink, and purple.

2. Blondes can pull off softer colors, while brunettes should go for bolder colors. People with black hair are able to wear any color and redheads should aviod colors that clash.

Good luck!

June 16, 2009

Summer Dresses

This summer you’ll see many different styles of dresses. Just to name a few of the different styles, there is the 60s A-line Shift Dress which is very popular in any age group, the asymmetric one shoulder dress which is a great style for evening wear, and the empire raised waist dress which everyone should at least have one especially with kimono sleeves to ensure you can instantly feel updated. Not only is there great styles, prints and color are also very import. You’ll see garden, tribal and animal prints and a lot of blues, citrus yellow and green dresses this summer. So if you want to show off your luscious curves and unique feminine style this summer what a great way to do this by wearing a dress.
By Diane

June 15, 2009

Photoshoot Outtakes #4

Here's some more fun snaps from our photoshoots that (obviously) didn't make it into the catalog or on the web. Let us know in the comments which one you like best (and why!).

June 11, 2009

Facebook 201 - Adventures in Facebooking

As you know, I am an old fashioned girl who took a lot of convincing before I joined Facebook a couple of months ago (see Facebook 101). I thought I would share an update on my progress. ..

I have been connecting with high school friends on Facebook in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t seen these friends in over 10 years and it is fun to see their familiar faces smiling back at me once again. It is amazing how quickly Facebook has reunited us; it might have taken me 10 more years to run into just one of them at a grocery store! Now I can find quite a few old friends in the same place.

I still have not “tagged” or “poked” anyone, but I like to post photos and see who comments on them. I also like to check the metrostyle page and see what the metro ladies are saying!! One last thing that I wanted to note is that I am blogging about my experiences on Facebook. That is a lot of progress for one old fashioned girl!

By Suzy

June 10, 2009

Are You Fashionably Eccentric?

Most guys fall in to one of 2 categories when it comes to clothing: the first kind is typically well off and is obsessed with top and middle tier brands so he can look his best. The second, is more of an average Joe who doesn’t care too much about his appearance and is therefore more inclined to purchase whatever is on sale or wear whatever his significant other buys him.

I feel like I’m a hybrid because while most of my clothes consists of the good stuff (you know.. Armani, CK etc.), I do own a select few clothes from ‘unknown’ brands. Why did I buy them? I found the fit to be great, the material is excellent and the price ($10 Jeans?)… unbelievable! Some of my female friends have felt the need to explore the contents of my closet and each time I’d get a kick out of their reaction to seeing the unknowns mixed in there. Do women shop like this too?

By keNzo

June 9, 2009

Boston Apparel Group Warehouse Sale

The Boston Apparel Group presents the great Warehouse Sale featuring styles from metrostyle® and Chadwicks™ - tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses, jackets and more, all priced between $4-$40! Don't miss out!

Start Time: Friday, June 19, 2009 at 10:00am

End Time: Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 6:00pm

Location: Boston Apparel Group Offices Street: 300 Constitution Drive

NOTE: All sales are final. NO RETURNS. Cash and Credit Cards Accepted

Where: Boston Apparel Group 300 Constitution DriveTaunton, MA 02783

When: Friday, June 19, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, June 20, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 21 12:00 noon – 6:00 p.m.

Directions: Exit 9 off 495. Located in the Myles Standish Industrial Park 300 Constitution Dr. in Taunton, MA

Just got off the phone with my friend at the Taunton Warehouse. Sounds like there is going to be some great product for sale! I'm so excited!
Don't forget to become a fan and RSVP on our Facebook page. I'd love to meet our fans!


June 5, 2009

Interviewing? What to Wear?

It’s true that a lot of companies now have a more casual dress code. Does the same code apply when interviewing with these companies? While it’s no longer necessary to suit up for a job interview, appearance is still as important as ever before. Make a great first impression by avoiding these fashion faux pas.

1. Don’t wear hot pink shoes with a matching bag! Keep colors conservative and you will send a message that you are no nonsense.
2. Don’t show too much skin! Never go with bare legs. If you can’t handle wearing stockings for a day, then pants are the obvious choice! It’s no longer true that a woman should always wear skirts to an interview. Also, avoid open toed shoes and skirts that are too short. You want to be taken seriously.
3. Don’t wear your favorite leopard headband or plastic neon bangle bracelets! The attention should be focused on you and your potential. It’s not a good idea to wear distracting pieces.
4. Don’t ever wear jeans! Even if you know denim is acceptable at the company where you are interviewing. Think of what you would wear on any given day to work, and then dress a step up. A little extra effort goes a long way.
5. Don’t chew gum! That kind of rudeness will ruin even the most perfect interview outfit.
Something like this sheath dress from metrostyle is perfect!

Now, get on out there, and good luck!

By Sarah

June 3, 2009

Who's Hungry?!

I love food. Problem is, when I get home from work I am so tired I never know what to cook, so I just don’t. I make Mac and cheese, "frozen delight platters"(this is what I call them to my husband so he thinks it something grand when really it consists of chicken fingers, fries, and pizza rolls). The other night I made buffalo chicken dip..and only the dip...then went on to ask my husband if that could be enough for his meal...needless to say I am not the best housewife!!

Its not that I am lazy when I come home!! The problem is that I do not have much experience cooking meals every night. When I lived on my own I did not make big meals. I ate random small dishes that filled me up and were fine to be considered dinner. But now I am trying to get more into cooking...but I run out of ideas of what to make!!! The times I have cooked it was fun, and I loved the feeling I had that I made a delicious and satisfying dinner.

So I need help! Do you have any recipes for me? maybe something quick, easy, or just so good that it is worth the effort and wait??? I am a hungry girl with an even more hungry husband...he would be forever grateful. I don’t know if he can take another "frozen delight platter". :)

by Beth

June 1, 2009

Poll: Will you embrace the new “strong shoulders” trend?

Some call them “power” shoulders, some “pagoda” shoulders, while others simply “the return of the shoulder pad.”

The fashion world is heralding the “strong shoulders” trend as the next big thing in fashion. They’re on every catwalk in seemingly every collection…on dresses, tops, suits, coats …you name it!

The question is…what do you think? Will this hot trend shoulder its way into your wardrobe?

Results from the previous poll:

by: Bren B