August 24, 2010

Fall Trends: Lovely Leather and Glittery Gold

I’m seeing a lot of great trends for the Fall 2010 season. Some of which I will proudly wear but others leave me with a twinge of longing. Leather is big for fall and if you don't already know I love leather jackets! In fact, I wore my Leather Biker Jacket to work this morning (its cold and raining in New England this week). But the one trend I’m not sure I can pull off is gold. This vibrant burst of sunshine was all over the Fall 2010 runway, including Michael Kors. Don’t get me wrong, I love gold jewelry, it goes great with my skin tone, but I’m just not sure if I can wear an entire gold dress, jacket or suit. Maybe I’ll start small and subtle with the Ruffled Stretch Shirt in Antique Gold. Hopefully this will help me ease into the trend and I will be comfortable enough to glitter in gold in no time! So, what trends are you most excited for? Are there any trends you wish you could wear but aren’t sure you could pull off? If so, what are you doing to gain the confidence to try the trend?

August 20, 2010

A Fashionista's Attempt At Being A Party Hostess

Typically I’m excited for the weekend, but not this week. Believe it or not I’m actually dreading the weekend. Why you ask? Well, I’m hosting a big shin-dig at my house and I’m a bit nervous. The party is celebrating three major life events; my birthday (another yr older, great), our new house (my hubby and I just bought and settled into a new home 6 weeks ago) and my sister just got engaged (super excited). Yes, I’m happy for all these great things but I’m a little freaked out about pulling off a great party. I consider myself an ok cook and a great hostess but 50 people all at once? All I keep thinking is…Will I have enough food? Will there be enough parking? Is the house clean enough? Will everyone have fun? I could keep going but I really just need an outsider’s opinion and help. What are your tips for throwing a great party? What has helped keep you cool and calm under the pressure?

August 16, 2010

2010 Wardrobe Must Have's

Afternoon Ladies: As you all know I’m in the process of updating my fall wardrobe (reference my LDB post). Especially my wardrobe staples; Black/Grey/Tan Dress, Trench Coat, Pencil Skirt and Blazer.

But I love to have classic styles with more flair and pizzazz then the regular person. So, exactly how do these pieces translate into something unique I know my friends won’t have? Well I’ve come up with my 2010 metrostyle season must haves, do they match yours?

2010 metrostyle Must Haves:

  1. Python Print Skirt– The cool grey and tones will match with mostly anything while the animal print will make it stand out!
  2. Pleated Surplice Dress – Will be perfect on its own or can easily be paired with a sweater, vest or belt to add drama.
  3. Textured Metallic Blazer – This blazer adds shine while still be ale to add brightly colored tops for extra wow!
  4. Belted Leather Coat – A Trench Coat styled Leather Jacket?...what more could a girl ask for!

August 12, 2010

The Summer Blockbuster Vs. The Chic Flick

Summer is normally filled with big box office action flicks. Remember when Will Smith ruled the summer with smash hits like Men in Black, and Independence Day? Well to be honest I’m not all that impressed with the action film selection this year. Yes, Inception looks interesting and is raking in the $$$ but the storyline is so out there I’m not sure if it’s worth paying $11 per ticket, especially if I might have to see it again in order to properly understand the plot and ending.

Actually, I prefer romantic chic flick movies and boy do those have my attention this summer! My weekend plans are to get a group of my girlfriends together and see Eat Pray Love. I adored the book so how could you go wrong with turning it into a movie staring Julia Roberts? I will also be seeing Charlie St. Cloud in a few weeks, right after finish the book. Most importantly, can’t wait till the Last Song comes out on DVD next week. I missed its' run in the theaters and Nicholas Sparks is pure romantic genius.

So what will you be watching? Chic Flicks or Action/Summer Blockbusters?

August 10, 2010

Help Me update My LBD

Since Fall is right around the corner I’m in the process of updating my wardrobe staples. One thing I know I can’t live without is my Little Black Dress (LBD). I’m sure you ladies are with me on this one! I’ve worn my LBD too many times to count and it has saved me when I feel I have nothing to wear. My current LBD has longevity (I’ve had it 5 yrs now) but since my hubby rolls his eyes every time I take it out of the closet I feel it might be time to update this beloved staple as well. As with any LDB I’m looking for wardrobe versatility, a classic timeless style and a bit of edgy sexiness. My top 4 favorites are the Studded Sheath, Illusion Top Dress by Tiana b, Side Ruched Dress and the Seamed Sheath Dress. Here’s where I need your help, I love them all and don’t know how to choose. So please vote for which dress you think I should purchase, the winner will become a part of my new fall wardrobe!

August 9, 2010

Jumpsuits are Back!

Jumpsuits are in! Just ask the style experts at REDBOOK magazine, who featured metro's Dolman Sleeve Jumpsuit recently in a spread about fast fashion. They were inspired, I guess, by the idea of the modern jumpsuit. And who wouldn't be?

Anyone who owns a jumpsuit knows they are the ultimate outfit in an instant. All that's left for you to do is to jazz up your jumpsuit with a great belt, some hot heels and a rockin' bag. And your one-piece wonder is ready for anything! Now, that's what I call instant gratification...

August 6, 2010

The Travel Blunders of a Fashionista

So I just returned from my vacation and had any amazing time. The rapids were awesome, the scenery was spectacular and it was relaxing to get away from the everyday “hustle and bustle”. But I will admit I did have a few mishaps in my travels. They were small and we were able to laugh at them (as I’m sure you will).
  1. Our car got a flat tire, our spare was also flat and for some reason no one had their AAA card on them…
  2. My trusty water sandals were not so trusty…They broke and I was left barefoot 10 minutes into our rafting adventure.
  3. All our clothes were wrinkled and mismatched… This I admit is my fault because I forgot to pack in advance so I had my husband throw stuff in a bag (I really think that’s just what he did) while I was at work.
Obviously I need travel advice for the future. What are your top 5 travel necessities? Better yet what is the best advice you can offer when traveling?

August 5, 2010

For those about to rock…I salute you.

Heavy metal rock music is not my thing. But my husband loves it, and I love him. So when he asked me to go to a Creed concert with him, I said yes with one stipulation: I’d need a new outfit.

As I explained to my husband, my typical ruffles, lace and love of all things frilly would simply not do at a rock concert. He chuckled knowingly, and replied, “Just try to keep it under $100.”

No prob. I love a challenge.

When deciding what to buy for this concert, I knew I didn’t want to go overboard and end up looking costume-y. I also wanted items that were somewhat edgy, but could also blend with my regular wardrobe. Here’s what I got:

Boyfriend jeans ($35) + a black tank I already own ($0) + a long chain necklace ($20) + plus (my fave) edgy studded pumps ($40). Simple. Chic. Cheap.

Rock on!

By: Bren B

July 30, 2010

The Thrilling Adventures of a Fashionista

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I have a huge smile on my face. Why you ask? Because at 5pm today I’m officially on vacation, yay! Not only am I’m on vacation but I’m headed to one of my favorite places on earth Maine. Yes, you heard me right Maine. No, it’s not my favorite because it’s the state where I was born and raised (ok yes that probably has a lot to do with it) but it has this amazing laid back vibe that you can’t replicate near the city. Plus, it’s a drivable distance from where I now call home. I can’t wait to sit on the front porch of the cabin watching the sun set over the lake and just listen to nature. I’m sure I’ll probably go for a hike and a bike ride or two but I’m most excited about the white water rafting trip. Yes, I miss fashion maven, city dweller, and book worm loves an adventure! Contrary to public opinion I’m an adventurous person and I’m always looking the next best thrill. Whether it’s skydiving, parasailing, spelunking or hang gliding I’ll try it.

So what adventurous things are on your list? What have you always wanted to try or what do you recommend? I’d love to hear your adventure ideas because as I said I’m game to try anything and just might add your suggestion to my “bucket list”!

July 26, 2010

Trend Spotting

What are the hottest items on metrostyle? What is on or even above trendy? Want to stay ahead of the style trend? Well check out our latest offerings. These styles are sure to wow our significant others while being the envy of all your friends. Three things we are seeing heat up the fashion world are ruffles, embellishments and animal prints.

Personally, my favorite style to rock is ruffles, not only are the feminine but they add a bit of whimsy will still being edgy, check out the Corkscrew Sundress and Ruched & Ruffled Shirt these are sure to spice up your already sizzling wardrobe!

Whats your favorite trend?

July 16, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite Cover (Update)

Wow! The vote between the three potential catalog covers shown below is so close, we've decided to feature your TWO favorite cover shots on upcoming catalogs!

Look for the 1st place winner on the catalog hitting your mailbox on September 7th, and see the runner-up on the September 27th issue!

Not on the metrostyle mailing list? Click here to subscribe for FREE!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote!

July 13, 2010

if you could only pick one...

it's still the middle of summer, but we're already having fun creating the fall books. (next week you'll be getting a catalog with fresh new styles - lots you can still wear through august!) we want your insights and input into which front cover you like best for one of our september catalogs... which one is your favorite, and more importantly - why?

July 12, 2010

Tapping into a Trend

According to my various fashion sources, the military look is in. I see that Gisele B├╝ndchen wore what looks like a camo minidress, plus helmet, on the cover of Vogue Mexico in May. And then there’s Reese Witherspoon in olive drab while filming in LA in June.

So here’s my problem: how do I include this trend in my wardrobe without looking kind of silly. I certainly can’t rock a minidress like Gisele, unless I want my friends to question my sanity and to avoid my vicinity when I’m wearing it. Reese’s look is kind of more my speed. I tend to have more classic taste so I might not be up for adding the fedora, I think you have to have the right kind of attitude to get away with that.

When I googled military fashion, I think I came up with the solution. One online article suggested that you can add small doses of a trend to your wardrobe, like wearing khaki or olive or tan, to give yourself an update without being too obvious. Luckily, Metrostyle had an option for me. Or two. What do you think, the olive cargo pant or the short cargo pocket skirt in this kind of camo-like pattern? Now all I have to do is to find a top; and I’ll be, if not trendy, at least in the territory.


June 30, 2010

I Want to Be A Toys“R”Us Mom

metrostyle® is teaming up with Toys“R”Us to treat moms (and Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Friends) in the I want to be a Toys R Us Mom Promotion!

Join the celebration at one of 50 Toys“R”Us stores opening nationwide June 4 – October 15, 2010; from New York to California and Texas to Washington!

Locate a Grand Opening or Re-Opening near you by clicking on Find the state you live in, download your ‘secret coupon’ and redeem it on Grand Opening/Re-Opening Weekend to reveal your shopping discount.

But wait…there’s more! Be one of the first 100 people though the door Friday morning at 10 a.m. of opening weekend to receive your free gift bag valued at over $100 (includes a metrostyle coupon and a fun fashion item)!For more information visit

June 29, 2010

Is Blue for You?

Would you wear this??

I was reading in my gossip mags these past few weeks and noticed a theme. All discussed the new trend in nail polish which is blue. I don't know if I would ever be daring enough to wear blue nail polish on either my nails or my toes. All I could think about was trying to take it off and having your nails have a blue hue to them. This is not a trend that screams "Try Me" in my eyes. I tend to lean more to shades of pinks and neutrels. I did embrace the dark purple and black trend in recent years. Something about painting your nails blue really just stumps me. Celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing this new hue from the red carpet to taking a stroll. Katy Perry and Ke$ha have been spotten in this new hue on the stage, which in my opinion is a more fitting place for this trend. What do you think? Could you pull off the new trend in nail polish?

June 17, 2010

That's My Bag, Baby!

I'm not the type of girl who changes my handbag every day (way to much stuff!), but I do like to change my bag each season.

And each time I get the itch to buy, I like to hop online and flip through magazines to see what styles are hot with celebrities. Here are a few of my faves for summer:

The studded tote: The perfect summer carryall...with a little extra edge.

Extra-light, Extra-neutral: Love, love how light and summery this color is...and it goes with everything!

Tasseled Shoulder Bag: This fringed "wild west" style is everywhere! The smaller size makes it easier to downsize, lighten the load and carry only essentials.

Of I have to settle on just one!

By: Bren B

June 11, 2010

Fashion Show in New Jersey

So recently, I attended the 48th Annual Scholarship Benefit hosted by the North Jersey Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (a.k.a. the Delta’s…You know all the beautiful independent ladies in their red & white?).

It was such a worthy cause, and we were so glad to be able to participate! The benefit raised money and awarded deserving high school seniors with college scholarships. It was an event filled with inspiration, food, dancing and – of course – fashion!

In fact, during the fashion show segment of the benefit, at least 14 metrostyle outfits were featured and the girls were FAB-U-LOS. Hats, dresses, bags and shoes…all metrostyle products.

There was also a segment dedicated to metro’s convertible dress, and the models were work-ing-it! It was great to see our clothes on such beautiful women. Such a Blast!!! Watch out Chanel Iman!!!

Left to Right: Lee Lee (metrostyle) , Adrienne (metrostyle), Egypt (Emcee 107.5), Lindsay (LeadDog Marketing Group) and Amber (Egypt’s Manager)

Useful links:

Fashion Show Video - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
Fashion Show Press Release

By: Lee Lee

June 3, 2010

I Bleed Green!

So here we are again, the Boston Celtics have started another playoffs series with none other than the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a rivalry that dates back to 1959, these two teams have played 12 match ups and the Celtics have won 9 of 12 (the first 8 in a row!) This next meeting is history in the making - The Celtics lead with 17 total world championships, and the Lakers not too far behind at 15. There is a lot riding on this series, so it'll be one for the ages!

Whichever team you're rooting for, check out our What's Hot > Which Hue is You? section to find "Go Green" or "Hello Yellow" to get the proper color gear to sport at the game (if you were lucky enough to get tickets) or at the local sports bar to cheer on your team. My husband says that when I signed our marrige license, I vowed to be a Celtics fan for life! GO CELTS!

What's Hot?

What's hot this week? Suits from Larry Levine!

Check out our sexy and sophisticated suits by renowned designer Larry Levine! Chic and stylish, these suits are super flattering and easy on the budget. My faves are.... the leopard print skirt suit, for those days when you are feeling a little wild... I love the sexy pink hue of the oversized collar skirt suit... and the pretty in peach and oh-so-feminine portrait neck skirt suit.

p.s. Don't forget to check out What's Hot this week and every week...

by Suzy

June 2, 2010

We are New and Improved...

As you can see our web site has received a makeover. The new features include easier navigation, faster checkout, larger images and views, improved product details, and the ability to see the colors on the product. No more scrolling up and down to find our product categories they are now front and center at the top! Shopping and checkout have never been easier with a new one page checkout, no more waiting in line. Have you added something to your shopping bag, well the new drop down feature will show you what you have added to your bag and even keep a running total. Want a closer look? Check out the new larger images, many products even have front and back views. Our product details have also become more user friendly. Click on your size then choose your color and see how it would look right in front of your eyes. Also, a new feature is LiveChat. If you have a question click on our live chat and ask away! Take a look and see just how your shopping experience can be enhanced. Let us know what you think. Happy Shopping!

June 1, 2010

The Perfect Jean

Ok, so even though I am an associate and get a discount, I have to admit I have not bought any of our pants. I always thought the sizes ran small and I didn't want to be disappointed. But I finally broke down when these fabulous jeans came out! I am happy to say I was far from disappointed, they are so comfortable and fit perfectly! I also love the embellishments, it's just the right amount. Plus I got a bunch of compliments on the look and fit that I felt like a star! So if you love compliments, style and a good fit, I highly recomend you go to and right now and get yourself a pair before they are gone!

By Izzy

May 25, 2010

Ruffles on the Red Carpet

They’re all over the place! Ruffles, I mean. And not the potato chip variety, though they do take up quite a bit of space in my kitchen. One of my favorite ruffle looks was Jennifer Hudson’s ruffle skirted gown at the Cannes Film Festival. What a great LBD (little black dress) plus ruffles.

All the press and buzz that ruffles are getting made me wonder why I don’t have more clothing with ruffled details. And it also made me curious as to whether there was a time period in which ruffles were as popular. I guess I’d have to go with the Elizabethans as the folks who really loved their ruffles—for both men and women. Get this: ruffles were a status symbol worn by the upper class of both genders. The rich had these big (and I mean HUGE) ruffled collars and the woman had their ruffled sleeves, in addition to their neck wear. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to be a millionaire or a celeb to wear them now.

I’m thinking that maybe I should give the ruffled look a try. Since I’d like to start slowly with adding a trend to my pretty basic wardrobe, I’m thinking our Ruffled Sleeve Tunic in white might be a good starting point. Paired with jeans, it could be the start of a fab new look for me.

What do you guys think? Will you get all ruffled up this season?

by AEL

May 20, 2010

Congratulations to the winners of the metrostyle® Step Into Spring Shoe Giveaway!

The following metrostyle® customers won a pair of FREE shoes on us!

Check out what shoes they chose:

Diane C - Skechers® Sneaker Mule

Marshawn K - Two-Tone T-Strap Sandals

Carol S - 2-Band Sandal

Lyric S - Chain Pumps

Laura A - Skechers® Speedster

Angela M - Mootsies Tootsies® Satin Slingback

Katrina K. - Buckled Ankle Strap Pumps

Veronica M- X-Strap Pump by Boston Design studio

Imogene S- Tipped Pumps

Rebecca R- Studded Sandal

May 17, 2010

In Review: Summer Dresses

By Guest Blogger Pam M.

The Ruffled Dress
Asymmetric is the trend for 2010. The Side Ruffle Dress shown at the right gives you that fashionable chic summer look. A linen cotton fabric available in white, black and cobalt blue, scoop neck, straight skirt, ruffled with side zipper. Comes in sizes 4-20. Machine washable. I prefer this type of fabric because with dry clean material you're forever paying for one outfit.

The Summer Sheath Dress
Check out the sheath dress for those who want to show curves this summer. Dress is made from a cotton/spandex pique-textured fabric with stretch, which is my kind of fabric. This combination of fabrics offers a more comfortable fit. Dress is lined, machine washable and comes in sizes 4 - 20, available colors; black and white, dark red white, black, daisy and white (solids).

The Bandage Dress
Beautiful, curve-hugging bandage dress is so cute, fun and stylish. Sheath dress has multi band design with envelope neckline. Pullover cotton/nylon fabric and machine washable. Available in XS-XL and also in tall sizes.

May 12, 2010

The Beauty Within

Before you read on, I want you all to look in the mirror right now and say to yourselves... You ARE beautiful! :)

As a society, we're so wrapped up in image: what is she wearing? What car does he drive? Who were they with? I'll be the first to admit, I'm not one to go on a quick trip to the grocery store without pulling up my unwashed hair into a ponytail and a quick swoop of eyeliner before I head out. BUT! Why do I do it? To be honest, I don't know... I'm married, so there's only one person I need to impress, and I don't consider myself as THAT super image conscious (because afterall, I am walking out of the house in my sweatpants and oversized Celtics t-shirt that I slept in). Unfortunately, society and the media tells us what "beautiful" is: you have to be thin to wear those skinny jeans, you have to have big eyes and long eye lashes to flutter at the man you want - and all the while, we're spending dollars we might not have on the latest trends and starving ourselves with the next fad diet out there.

There are a few celebrities out there who have been brave enough to not only not put on make-up, but go to a photo shoot and get their picture taken and plastered on magazine covers in their natural beauty. Jessica Simpson has graced the cover of this month's Marie Claire in only her own skin, sans make up and Kim Kardashian posed for Harper's Bazaar in her bikini with un-touched up images.

If celebrities can accept themselves the way they are, flaws and all, why can't we? I think that's great! It's telling me, it's okay to skip the make up today and it's okay to get those jeans if they make my calves look big :) We need to all feel comfortable in our own skin, in order for our real beauty to shine through (I know it sounds corny, but it's true ladies!) I personally think that a nice, good-hearted person who might be average looking, is a much more beautiful person than a stuck up "witch with a 'b'" who might look like a model.

What do you think, what kind of beauty drives you?

May 10, 2010

May Flowers: How to Wear Floral Prints

By Guest Blogger Tara T.

Okay so I know you’ve all heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. This saying is all too true for making a fashion statement during this season. If there is no better time to wear flowers May is definitely that time. Now of course you don’t want to walk around looking like your grandmother’s 1950’s couch. But there is a way to wear flower prints and make a fashion statement that will be noticed by everyone.

Now that you are a magnificent woman choose flower prints that are bold, alive, and tasteful. If you decide to wear a flower print dress pick one color that is less dominant in the dress, and accessorize using that color. If you choose a color in the dress that is less noticeable to the eye, but you accessorize with that color you will allow that color to become the distraction from the flowers. Matching your eye shadow with the less dominant color will also add a touch of class to your overall outfit.

When wearing flower prints you can easily overdo your outfit because the flowers alone take up 96 percent of your outfit. You have to find a way to balance your entire look for the day, and that means never overdue accessories. Your accessories should compliment your outfit, not bombard your outfit. There is nothing worse than wearing accessories that scream out, “hey notice me not the outfit.” So this means choose accessories such as your necklace, earrings, and bracelet that are simple, yet elegant. I suggest a simple pearl, or diamond because these accessories compliment any piece of clothing whether it be jeans, shorts, or a dress. If you want to add more color simply choose a diamond or pearl that has color to them.

Your shoes should always be simple when wearing flower prints because once again the flowers alone make a statement. If more people are complimenting your shoes than your outfit that tells you your outfit does not say anything. You do not want to spend an hour or more putting the entire outfit together only to have someone compliment you by saying, “your shoes are so awesome.” You want a compliment that will address your entire outfit such as, “You look beautiful today.”

Remember flower prints do not come with warning labels that say you must be 50 or older to wear them. You can be any age and any nationality and wear flower prints the way no one has ever wore them before. You will know that your outfit speaks for itself when you look in the mirror and have a red carpet moment. Always remember to choose flower prints that match your personality and taste; compliment your outfit with accessories never overdo it; and make sure you wear the outfit, never let the outfit wear you. As I always say make sure you bring out the U that hides within you.

What's Hot?

What's hot this week??? RUFFLES!

I love all of the fun, flirty and feminine ruffled tops this season! There are so many different styles to choose from. The ruffled tank is so colorful, it reminds me that warm Summer days are coming... then we go from the sophisticated polka dot ruffles to the pop of color of the pink ruffled top. Rounding out my top 4 list is the ruffled sheer blouse on Dani, she looks great in that color!
P.S. Don't forget to check out "What's Hot" this week and every week...
...and you didn't hear this from me...but don't forget to check out this week's can get those ruffles for a real steal ;)

by Suzy

May 7, 2010

April's $50 Gift Card Winner!

Congratulations to Mary C. who won a $50 Metrostyle Gift Card for her Guest Blogger post titled "Color Code."

Didn't win this time? There's still time to send in your Guest Blogger Post for May! What's better, our next lucky winner will receive a $100 metrostyle Gift Card!

Click here for details>>

May 6, 2010

metrostyle participates in NJ Fashion Show Benefit

Metrostyle proudly supports the North Jersey Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in association with the North Jersey Minerva Corporation for its 48th Annual Scholarship Benefit Luncheon May 22, 2010. For more information, visit: Stay tuned for more updates!

Click here to read the Press Release

May 5, 2010

Shhhh…It’s a Sneak Peek!

We are very close to launching our new website…

- new look (black background makes images pop!)
- larger photos (plus front & back views on many items)
- easier checkout process
- lots & lots more!

Want a sneak a peek? Click here!

May 4, 2010

A Style All Her Own

In honor of Mother’s Day (May 9th), I thought it’d be fun to blog about what I admire about my mom’s style.

But here’s the thing: It’s kind of hard to define my mom’s style! Trendy? Nope. Classic? Kinda. Glamorous? Not if she can help it…

In a way, I think my mom’s style is as unique as she is. She loves simple, comfortable styles. But she most appreciates the ones with little details that make them stand apart – like delicate embroidery, pretty trim or specialty stitching.

My mom also has an artist’s eye and really knows how to work with color. She is often drawn to neutrals and soft tones, but every once in a while she kicks it up a notch with a rich red or lime green…just to keep it interesting!

But what I love most about my mom’s style is how well it suits her personality. It’s comfortable, approachable, expressive and interesting…everything that my mom is!

By Bren B

April 30, 2010

metrostyle Paisley Cardigan– featured in ShopSmart Magazine

We all have our go-to solid shirts, tanks and dresses and although they always fit and look great (no matter how big of a lunch you had), we don’t always feel lively in them. It’s easy to get bored with your wardrobe but it’s also easy to spruce it up! So, throw on your black tank dress with a bold print cardigan to create a whole new look! Cardigans are this year’s best accessory. The Paisley Cardigan from metrostyle, featured in ShopSmart Magazine’s May issue, is exactly what you need to keep your staple pieces looking fresh from spring to summer.

By: The metrostyle PR Team

April 26, 2010

Color Code: Mix & Match All Season Long!

By Guest Blogger: Mary C

For years I stood in front of a full closet and with a disgusted tone..."I have nothing to wear!" Well a couple of years ago I discovered the cure for me....every season I pick a base color or colors and I buy arround those colors.....not that I don't buy other things but I focus on the base colors and then I end up with a stylish group and I can easily dress up and dress down an outfit. Last winter I picked Chocolate brown and I had great success with building a wardrobe arround it. I found the chunky gold tone jewerly could really dress up the chocolate and adding a ligther tan color has helped to bridge the color into spring.

For this spring I have picked Black and White ,I just bought a black dress with the sleeves cut out from metro style along with a zebra stipe ankle strap shoe and a great pair of over sized white I am off to pick out some white capri's and a black top...and I saw a great white floppy hat......

April 23, 2010

Work Hard. Play Hard

Work Hard. Play Hard should be every woman’s mantra! As women we often lose sight of the fact that we can successful in the workplace while being able to have fun on the weekends! As the summer approaches think about what you could do to help give yourself that extra boost and still be the thriving career woman that you are…

We all know that when we look good we feel even better and so on a mundane Monday morning why not throw on a top inspired by the pleasurable weekend you had like this, Bold Print Top from metrostyle - just a little self reminder that you’re not all work…you’re a little bit of play too!

By: The metrostyle PR Team

April 22, 2010

Fashion Photogaphy

Over the last year or so I got really into photography - I went out and bought myself an entry-level DSLR camera and every chance I got, I went out to shoot anything and everything. I'm nowhere near as good as some of my friends who are professionals and much more talented than myself, however I've got the passion! I know the basics of lighting and white balance, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
Something else I've learned in my amatuer photography training, is to really appreciate great photography. In my opinion, for great photography, you need to be able to capture "that" moment, freeze it in time and communicate that moment/emotion/story to others without saying a word, with just a simple picture. So with fashion photography, essentially pictures of clothes, you might think - "Hey, how hard can it be to take a picture of a shirt or a suit?" Think of this then: when you get our catalogs in the mail or visit our website - what are you there to look at? The clothes!

Over the last several months, we've spent a lot of time thinking about how we want to showcase and improve the way our clothes are shot on the models; we have a lot more shots in studio, with neutral backgrounds and more focus on the clothes, so you can see more of the styling and details. It make such a big difference, to look back and see what we used to do and compare it to today. Stay tuned, because on our new website, you're going to have the ability to see larger and more detailed images and colorize them to see what something would look like if you were to order it.

Photography is so fun and exciting - share some of your favorite metrostyle pictures with us!