April 30, 2010

metrostyle Paisley Cardigan– featured in ShopSmart Magazine

We all have our go-to solid shirts, tanks and dresses and although they always fit and look great (no matter how big of a lunch you had), we don’t always feel lively in them. It’s easy to get bored with your wardrobe but it’s also easy to spruce it up! So, throw on your black tank dress with a bold print cardigan to create a whole new look! Cardigans are this year’s best accessory. The Paisley Cardigan from metrostyle, featured in ShopSmart Magazine’s May issue, is exactly what you need to keep your staple pieces looking fresh from spring to summer.

By: The metrostyle PR Team

April 26, 2010

Color Code: Mix & Match All Season Long!

By Guest Blogger: Mary C

For years I stood in front of a full closet and with a disgusted tone..."I have nothing to wear!" Well a couple of years ago I discovered the cure for me....every season I pick a base color or colors and I buy arround those colors.....not that I don't buy other things but I focus on the base colors and then I end up with a stylish group and I can easily dress up and dress down an outfit. Last winter I picked Chocolate brown and I had great success with building a wardrobe arround it. I found the chunky gold tone jewerly could really dress up the chocolate and adding a ligther tan color has helped to bridge the color into spring.

For this spring I have picked Black and White ,I just bought a black dress with the sleeves cut out from metro style along with a zebra stipe ankle strap shoe and a great pair of over sized white sunglasses...now I am off to pick out some white capri's and a black top...and I saw a great white floppy hat......

April 23, 2010

Work Hard. Play Hard

Work Hard. Play Hard should be every woman’s mantra! As women we often lose sight of the fact that we can successful in the workplace while being able to have fun on the weekends! As the summer approaches think about what you could do to help give yourself that extra boost and still be the thriving career woman that you are…

We all know that when we look good we feel even better and so on a mundane Monday morning why not throw on a top inspired by the pleasurable weekend you had like this, Bold Print Top from metrostyle - just a little self reminder that you’re not all work…you’re a little bit of play too!

By: The metrostyle PR Team

April 22, 2010

Fashion Photogaphy

Over the last year or so I got really into photography - I went out and bought myself an entry-level DSLR camera and every chance I got, I went out to shoot anything and everything. I'm nowhere near as good as some of my friends who are professionals and much more talented than myself, however I've got the passion! I know the basics of lighting and white balance, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
Something else I've learned in my amatuer photography training, is to really appreciate great photography. In my opinion, for great photography, you need to be able to capture "that" moment, freeze it in time and communicate that moment/emotion/story to others without saying a word, with just a simple picture. So with fashion photography, essentially pictures of clothes, you might think - "Hey, how hard can it be to take a picture of a shirt or a suit?" Think of this then: when you get our catalogs in the mail or visit our metrostyle.com website - what are you there to look at? The clothes!

Over the last several months, we've spent a lot of time thinking about how we want to showcase and improve the way our clothes are shot on the models; we have a lot more shots in studio, with neutral backgrounds and more focus on the clothes, so you can see more of the styling and details. It make such a big difference, to look back and see what we used to do and compare it to today. Stay tuned, because on our new website, you're going to have the ability to see larger and more detailed images and colorize them to see what something would look like if you were to order it.

Photography is so fun and exciting - share some of your favorite metrostyle pictures with us!

April 21, 2010

My Love of Shoes...

Ever since I was little I have loved shoes, you name it I love 'em. From flats, to wedges, to peep-toes, to sandals, to boots, and my summer favorite the flip-flop. If it was invented or thought of I have probably owned it.

The best thing about my love of shoes is that I don't have to buy every pair, my wallet thanks me. I have a size 6 1/2 shoe, so most of the time I can fill the void of not having a new pair of shows by just going to the store and slipping on the displays. I try on every pair that catches my eye all for free. When I was younger my mom used to avoid the shoe section completely because she knew it could be an hour ordeal of just trying on shoes.

I wouldn't even be able to say how many shoes that I have owned over the years, right now I probably have at least 30 pairs in my closet. I don't even wear them all, I have my true favorites. As I look at it you never know when you might NEED that pair of shoes, so you should just buy what you like. Everyone always jokes with me "You are buying another pair", the answer is always "I love these shoes". I don't know how others would classify my love of shoes. I would say they are a necessity, I cannot walk around bare foot in public!

Some of my favorites this season at metrostyle are, the H-Band Wedge Sandals and the Zipper Gladiator Sandals. Both of these shoes could be worn with just about anything. Do you have the same shoe obsession that I have? If so log on to metrostyle.com and order your shoes while the dress and shoe sale is still going on.

By: bjil

April 20, 2010

What's in a Sneaker?

What do your sneakers do for you?

Now you can Renew with Ryka, Reetone with Reebok, Shape Up with Skechers...

I have seen so many ads lately featuring women with toned buns and thighs. Tanned, toned buns and thighs in very small shorts to be precise. They look great, but I have not seen any disclosures about how far you would actually have to walk to look like that! I only wish a pair of sneakers could replace my bottom half with one on a 20 year old!

My friends who have tried them definitely do feel the burn. I am willing to try them, too. I need all the help that I can get! I would feel very comforted knowing that while I am walking to the freezer for ice cream I am burning maximum calories!

by Suzy

April 16, 2010

The Convertible Dress… Styling Video!

One of the styles we are most excited about here at metrostyle is the new Convertible Knit Dress. In a nutshell, it’s a pull-on style dress with two attached fabric sashes you can wrap, twist and tie in countless different ways to create different looks.

In fact, when our stylist got her hands on this gem of a dress, she whipped up a dozen different styling options in just as many minutes! Of course, she is a professional, so it left us asking…how easy is it to style this dress for the average woman?

To test it out, we gave the dress to our intern, Lauren, to see how she would style it. In the video above, Lauren demonstrates 4 easy ways to wear the new Convertible Knit Dress. Tell us which ones you like the best by voting on the poll!

Special thanks to our intern, Lauren, for modeling/demonstrating, and for the metrostyle blog team members for shooting and creating this fun video.

April 13, 2010

What's Hot for Spring 2010

Get the latest trends on a budget!

With the Spring season quickly underway, everyone is looking for a way to upgrade and revamp their wardrobe on a minimal budget. While it’s nice to dream about being clothed in our favorite designer or the pieces that we see on the runway, we must remember sometimes it’s only a dream. But don’t fret, metrostyle’s spring collection is everything you could truly dream of...on a budget!

Spring Trend #1: The Tweed Suit

(left) Tory Burch 2010

(right) Metrostyle Skirtsuit $69.99

Spring Trend #2: The Drapey Dress

(left) Erin Fetherston, Spring 2010

(right) Metrostyle Tulip Dress $39.99

Spring Trend #3: The Multi Print Dress/Printed Dresses

(left) Thakoon, Spring 2010

(right) Metrostyle Knit Dress $39.99

Spring Trend #4: The Boyfriend Blazer (Still a hot item for 2010!)

(left) Ronson, Spring 2010

(right) Metrostyle Boyfriend Blazer $34.99

By: Lauren

April 12, 2010

Bring Out the “U” in You

By Guest Blogger: Tara T.

Okay, so spring is definitely here, summer’s right around the corner, and it’s time to spice up that wardrobe. MetroStyle has some awesome new fashions that are dying to become a part of your wardrobe this season. It is clear that you want something fresh, vibrant, and totally you, or else you wouldn’t be a part of the MetroStyle family. Here are my fashion tips that are sure to bring out the U in you.

Spring and summer are the time for whites and other vibrant, cheerful colors and MetroStyle’s springtime line is the place to shop. If you’re a daring type of girl you want to make sure you check out MetroStyle’s New Summer Collection. Keep in mind ladies that you can be daring without being too revealing and this is why MetroStyle is the place to shop.

Remember in my first blog post when I told you it is best to not buy an entire outfit you saw on a manikin, and instead just buy the pieces you really have to have? MetroStyle allows you to do this. Their models undeniably own the outfits they are wearing, but remember only pick a piece or two and then move on.

I saw the Cap Sleeve Knit Top item # 0808-93233-1042 (which is a real steal at $19.99) in the color Horizon. I just love this shirt because I have love handles and this shirt hides them perfectly. I matched this shirt with a pair of Metro Slimmer 360 degree skinny jeans, item # 0811-14041-1079 in the color white. These jeans do something for me that no other pair of jeans would do for me, and this is hiding the areas I can’t hide with other jeans.

Then I matched both shirt and jeans with the Toe-Thong Slide item # 0836-84779-1042 in the color silver , added some silver accessories and my goodness; the compliments rolled in faster than I could handle. The reason I chose silver shoes is because picking the same color shoes as your shirt is what people did 3 years ago, and this shirt begged me to pick silver shoes. We all know that white compliments silver and vice-verse so you just can’t go wrong.

I hope these tips help you as I am sure you will pick fabulous clothes for your new wardrobe. Remember be daring, innovative and new when choosing your new wardrobe!

April 9, 2010

Be a Guest Blogger… Win a $50 Gift Card!

WHO: You! All of our blog readers are invited to join the conversation about fashion, life and style by being a “Guest Blogger” on the metro insider blog.

WHAT: Write a short post/article and email it to us. We may like to publish it on our blog!

WHY: Here’s your opportunity to be a fashion writer for a day! Plus, starting in May, one lucky Guest Blogger will also receive a $50 metrostyle Gift Card!

(Our staff will review all “Guest Blogger” articles posted to the blog during that month and pick a favorite. The winner will be notified via email and asked for their address so we can send them a $50 metrostyle® Gift Card.)

HOW: To submit your post, simply email your article & any pictures you’d like featured to metrostyleblog@gmail.com

What can you write about? Here are a few idea-starters:
- Share your favorite fashion tips
- Write a review about a new style or a fashion trend
- Comment on celebrity fashion
- Talk about your personal views on fashion today

To see examples of posts by "Guest Bloggers" click here.

NOTE: Some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

April 7, 2010

Q&A: Sashe

Hi, I’m 5’5 feet tall and still working my coke bottle shape – my hips are large and waist is small! I love to wear dresses a lot in all the vibrant colors but don’t really know what type of dress I should wear: A-line, cinched waist, belted? I’m having trouble finding the right type of dress to accentuate by figure all while trying to stay classy and most of all modest (I’m also a minister’s wife). I need HELP…spring is coming!
~ Sashe

Dear Sashe,

An A-line silhouette would be a great choice for you, although you shouldn’t feel limited to that style alone. In general dresses that are fitted right under the bust line and flare out slightly create a wonderful waist shape on a fuller figure woman. Waist embellishments, like pleating and ruching, also have a flattering effect. Some styles you might enjoy:

A-line: Mock-Wrap Shirtdress (#803-93489-518)

Empire: Tiered Tank Dress (#805-86327-518)

Column: Long Column Dress (#803-81149-518)

Sheath: Tulip Sleeve Jacket Dress (#803-79456-518)

Tip: If you love a style, but feel like it’s not quite modest enough for your taste, don’t give up…layer! For example, layering a cami under a dress or top with a plunging neckline adds coverage and a pop of contrasting color. Another option is to wear a tailored jacket over a too-bare sheath dress. You’ll look and feel feminine, elegant and appropriate.

-the metrostyle team

April 2, 2010

April Fool's Day

Yesterday was April Fool's Day and I completely forgot about it because it happened to be a really busy day for me - normally I would be up to something! I noticed this year that everyone was pulling Facebook pranks with their Facebook/ Twitter/ Myspace status'. I thought this was clever and the first few did get a reaction out of me but after that they just got ridiculous... "I'm moving to Alaska to live in an Igloo".

On another note I thought Google's 'Topeka' prank was pretty good - they definitely got me (and probably you?) with that one. Overall I think April Fool's Day is a great because laughter is indeed the best medicine - did you get your dose this year?

By keNzo

April 1, 2010

Spring is Here…at Least I Hope So

I could not be happier that winter is officially over, at least date wise anyway. As much as I love to bundle up, shedding away all the layers for lighter, brighter, happier clothes really get me energized. These past few weeks around New England have been crazy weather wise. One week we are building our Ark’s the next week we are wishing the water would be warmer to go for a swim. It is such a tease lately. I am going to think positive about the weather. The weekend is going to be nice just in time for the Easter Bunny to come. I cannot wait to see my little niece in her Easter dress. What gets you excited about warmer weather?

By: bjil