September 30, 2009

Clothing for Kids!

With Fall here, and school has started.. It was back to school shopping for my 6 year old little girl. I could NOT believe some of the things that were out there. Maybe I am just a little old fashion, But little girls should dress like little girls. Half of the pants I bought for her are real low.. so low that her underwear would show or even worse... the crack!
It is bad enough that she is growing up so fast that I cant seem to keep up, but the clothes that are out there are making the process of growing up go faster.
I understand that fashion evolves and how a 2 piece bathing suit looks adorable on a baby.. But the 2 piece skimpy suit on a 10 year old is just plain scary!
Am I just being an old bag of a mom or would you agree that the clothes for kids now a days is a bit too revealing??

Thank you Nikki for the great idea!

by jani

September 29, 2009


Right now my living room is full of wires. I live in a small apartment with my husband and the wires for the computer and everything related to television run from the living room into a surge protector in my bedroom.

We are trying to buy a house and I have told my husband we need a wire solution. I do not want ugly wires running everywhere. The other day my friend told me about something that made my heart skip a beat….wireless television. Yes that’s right wireless TV. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care. The only thing I care about is wire minimization.

I know that you can hide the wires in the wall but that makes for a more difficult installation and it limits your ability to rearrange furniture. Sometimes I just want to make a change and I hate that the cable wire dictates where the TV goes. Does anyone have any info on this? Do you know which manufacturers are coming out with wireless TV’s. Also how much more expensive are these TV’s vs. wired?
by Sara

September 25, 2009

I <3 TV!

As much as we all love summer and the nice weather, I have to say my vote for favorite season is Fall. Sure we've talked about cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots, but what I'm talking about is... the return of FALL TV! Move over summer re-runs and half-baked reality shows, Fall TV is officially back and in full swing. Some shows I'm following are Fringe, Heroes, House, CSI, Dollhouse and Lost - These of course are just to name a few (what can I say, I'm a couch potato and I <3 TV!).

How many times have you heard a song on a show and wondered who it was by. Well thanks to our fancy web-enabled phones, there's an application called 'Shazam' that will listen to the music, and tell you the name, the artist and the album of the song. Pretty cool if you ask me, but what do we do if we SEE something we like on TV? Enter I was watching Vampire Diaries (I'm an obsessed Twilighter, so naturally I'm obsessed with everything else vampire) and Caroline had the cutest grey tiered ruffle-back cropped cardigan on! I dedicated hours looking for it online and came across the Seen On site and found out where I could get the cardigan!

Some new shows that I'm curious about - True Blood, Glee, Flash Forward, Modern Family - Have you guys seen any of these and can recommend? (Haha, as though I need more shows to watch, I think my DVR is about to explode) But what better way to spend those chilly weeknights than to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and the remote? What shows are you guys into?

September 24, 2009

Fashionable: To Be or Not To Be

I’ve lived in New England for a few years now and I only recently found out that every year a town in MA holds a Renaissance festival know as King Richard’s Faire. I’ve always been fascinated with ancient civilizations and cultures and sometimes feel like an old soul in a new world. One of the most interesting aspects about the old days is the fashion.

For example, during the renaissance period men wore elegant vests with wide padded shoulders, silk slacks, shiny black shoes and a wide hat to form a ‘square look’. Women's clothing went from three pieces (underskirt, bodice and robe) to one piece and then back to five or more pieces (skirt, underskirt, bodice, vest, hoop and collar). The clothing was made of rich fabrics such as silk and velvet; often used to express one’s status in society.

Obviously such clothing would be highly impractical to both sexes today but it made me wonder how much of an influence this era had on fashion and if there were any traces of it left today. The closest ‘renaissance-like’ item of clothing that I could find on our website was this Paisley Peasant top. What do you think?

By keNzo

September 23, 2009

I am...Undefined

Everything has a label- clothing, food, relationships. Labels help us identify and define things. They’re our way of classifying information within our own little world, whether it’s positive/negative, big/small, good/bad…

Would Ben & Jerry’s still have the same comforting effect on us and be just as yummy if the carton had no label and we were trying it for the first time? Labels set expectations. When we recognize a label we expect that thing to be a certain way and at the point that it stops being what we expect, it’s not good and we don’t want it anymore.

But, what if nothing had labels? How would we know what we liked?! Labels are only beneficial so long as they are synonymous with the truth and you can't pretend something is what it isn't just because of the label attached to it. You know what to expect when you see the metrostyle label, the Ben & Jerry's logo, or when someone introduces you to their "husband." Ok, I know, with relationships it’s a little different, but similar rules apply.

We label our relationships because it gives us some feeling of security and helps other people know where you fit into the relationship. He's your friend? Ok got it. Oh he's your boyfriend, well that's different. Husband? Right, and now they know what to expect based on each of these labels. What about you? Would you still find comfort and love in a relationship where you didn’t identify your role? Where you didn't label it?

So, with clothing, food, relationships and anything really, I wonder...
If you don’t label it, is it still good? Do you need to label it? What purpose does it serve?

metrostyle doesn’t need a label, but it is a reminder to us to always be exactly what we say we are, a clothing company that offers sexy, vibrant, quality clothing at "Real Steal" prices (had to throw that in). Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t need a label for me to love it, but it helps me identify it from all the other ice cream in the store!

And as for my relationship?…right now, I am undefined. :)


September 22, 2009

Facebook 3.0 – Hey, My Mom is on Facebook!

Ok, so it has been 6 months since I first signed up for Facebook, and what have I learned so far?

Well, I still don’t have as many friends as the average Facebook user, and I am ok with that (average is around 120…I am at 101 as of today, yay!).

Everyone is on FB…your friends, your sister, your MOM…I mean everyone (your Grandma?). Some people enjoy it while others think the popularity of FB might be the down fall.

I love to post pictures of my little guy on FB. Where else can you brag about your cute kids to all of your friends at once? And where else can 100 of your closest friends reply “OMG, your kid is sooo cute!” all at once? Love it!

See you on Facebook!

by Suzy

September 17, 2009

Fashion Do's and Don'ts

As you saw from my last post I am scarf challenged. Let’s just admit it, I am pretty much fashion challenged! So writing for this blog has been, you guessed it, a challenge. I don’t think I am the only one either, judging by the amount of fashion advice and blogs out there. Growing up you learned certain fashion rules that you lived by and never went against. When you are not the most fashion conscious person out there, having these rules are helpful guidelines. At least I knew what not to do, yeah for me! Somewhere along the line, the few things I did know about fashion have all changed and are now trendy. Here are a few rules that have been reversed.

Plaids seem to be everywhere now. A long time ago, the rule was that you should never mix different prints in the same outfit. Well apparently it is now okay to mix prints and patterns if the colors compliment each other. This look tends to make me think of Bozo the clown, but then again I am fashion challenged.

The old rule of thumb was that you should not wear both gold and silver together. This is no longer true. The latest trend is to layer necklaces and stack bangles and rings and mixing the two metals.

If you have put on a couple of extra pounds typically you would think to hide behind shapeless clothing. This only makes your whole body look bigger. Instead emphasize your assets and hide your flaws. Streamlined jackets and bootcut pants can help. Now this doesn’t give you the okay to stuff yourself into your clothes, use good judgment. Spend a little more on a few items that fit you really well rather than going for quantity. If something fits me well I am more confident.

Do you remember the old saying “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” This color has even become trendy on the cooler months, just avoid lightweight fabrics and bright whites. Off whites work well.

Here is one I rule I’m glad has changed, matching your shoes to your bag. Go ahead and mix it up with so many interesting textures, patterns and colors to choose from. Accessories have become a great way to show off your personality.

Here’s one that always confused me, never pair black with brown. I never thought this looked bad, so I guess I am finally on trend with this one. Black and brown is the new black and white.

Well now that all the rules have been broken I better get shopping and update my closet! If you are still not sure what is trendy, stop by for all the latest fashions at a real steal!

by Izzy

September 15, 2009

fashion faux-pas

as you may have read in one of my previous posts, p!nk is one of my style icons. she’s got a punky edge i love. i was shocked (like so many other viewers) on sunday night to see that she was wearing the exact same dress as shakira at the mtv vma’s! first they had interviewed shakira, talked about her dress, the regular stuff. then about 15 minutes later p!nk makes her entrance (on a fire engine!) and she’s wearing the same exact dress! i couldn’t believe my eyes. the mtv host just ignored it - didn’t ask her who she was wearing like they normally do. she still looked great, LOVED her hair. but i can’t believe their stylists didn’t check to make sure that wouldn’t happen! i can’t remember the last time this happened at an awards show.  my coworker thinks it might have happened to mariah carey last year, but i can’t find who the other star was. who do you think looked better that night? shakira or pink? 

September 11, 2009

Fashion Speak: Surplice Styling

What is it?

A bodice style (usually on tops or dresses) with one side crossing over the other to form a V neckline.

Why we love it:
V-necklines visually elongate the frame, giving you a longer, leaner silhouette. Plus, surplice styling just looks more interesting than a plain ‘ol V-neck!

By Bren B

September 10, 2009

You can't wear white after labor day!!

I was feeling a little stuck about what to write again, So I asked my friends to help me out with an idea. I owe this idea to my friend Kristine, Thanks!

I know growing up I would hear adults around me mention how you are not supposed to wear white after labor day. As I got older I would hear that less and less. I did a little research about why you aren't supposed to and I came up more confused as I did going into it.

There are a lot of sites and blogs discussing the white after labor day. The majority of why has to do with colder temperatures (white doesn’t hold heat) and of ranking of social status.

Do people follow this rule today, or is it old news?

I know I wear whatever I think goes with an outfit.

This is Kristine's take on white after labor day:
"I tend to go by the weather for the next few weeks. If it hits 80 I think I can still wear the white pants/shoes. But perhaps I'll be showing up in the back of a magazine with a black bar across my face too"

by Jani

September 9, 2009

Animal prints are so HOT HOT HOT this season!!!

Python snake prints are one of the hottest trends this season. You see everything from leggings, to tops to handbags and shoes in python prints. For example, this pant from is only $39.99 and perfect for a night out on the town!

What type of item would you like to see metrostyle offer in a snake print? Possibly a legging??

September 8, 2009

Did you know ...................................


The number one most viewed video has had 106 Million views.

Three people started the site to allow ordinary computer users to post videos on line.

You tube made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to post a video that millions of people could watch within a few minutes. It is know as one of the most important parts of Internet Culture.

Most bloggers are you tube fans, so that must be you.

September 4, 2009

Need a Vacation Destination?

I am not a big fan of the stay-cation, but like most people I am watching my budget right now. So with some time off recently I thought that we would head somewhere close, but not so close that we didn't feel like we got away.

We took the whole family, complete with my 9 month old son and his proud grandparents in tow, up to Lake George in upstate NY. If you've never been, and you happen to be located in the Northeast, this is a nice spot for a laid back vacation. We spent our time relaxing lakeside, did the tourist thing and took a cruise on the lake on the Minne-Ha-Ha steamboat, and explored the Lake George forest preserve. The Hudson river runs lazily through this part of NY and is perfect for tubing, and there are also over a dozen mini golf courses in the area. I recommend Around the World golf, which even features an underground NY subway!

by Suzy

September 3, 2009

Go team metrostyle!

All summer we have been having softball games once a week after work. Last night we had our final game and a little cookout also. It was great, people brought along their children, some even played (and totally stole the show!) It is so much fun and such a good idea to get everyone working as a team OUTSIDE of the workplace! Does your work do anything similar? Do you have any other teambuilding ideas for all of us here at metrostyle?

September 2, 2009

Today I'm Going to Be...

Maybe it's because I'm not rich and famous, so I wouldn't understand, but do celebrities wake up one day and decide they're "bored" of being rich and famous for what they do, and try (and mostly succeed) something else just for the fun of it? Kate Moss for Top Shop and Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B are only some of the success stories for this new breed of celebrities turned designers.

We all remember Full House and the cute little twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley that made us wish we were a part of the most loving, dysfuntional family in America. Well they grew and got bored of the whole acting thing and wanted to try their hand at fashion.

In 2001, they launched an affordable clothing line and sold it through Wal-Mart to tweens all across the country. It sold like wild fire. So now they're 23 and even more "billionaire" than before and have become a fashion force worth paying attention to with their new lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James. Of course normal people can't buy into these new fashions, some sweaters weighing in at $400 and coats at $3,000 - I'm not sure if this will be like wild fire...maybe more of a smoldering ember. We'll just have to wait and see what kind of trends their designs trickle down to the stores for the masses. In the meantime, I'll shop at my fashionable (and affordable)

What's in store for the Olsen twins? Are they going to be the next hot pop music sensation or walk their skinny little behinds down New York's catwalks? Who knows?
By yn