December 31, 2008

"Flame" The New Cologne By Burger King

Have you heard? Burger King has just come out with its own cologne. Bet you can’t guess what it smells like. Yup you got it the cologne which quite appropriately is called “Flame” is scented like Burger Kings delicious flame broiled ground beef. Now I know I shouldn’t judge because I haven’t yet experienced the olfactory adventure that is “Flame” but my first instinct is ewe gross. I don’t know about you but the last thing I want my husband to smell like is beef. If he came home smelling like flame broiled meat I would ask him to shower and change.

Why in the world would anyone choose to smell like a burger? I know that men typically love red meat but honestly is there a man out there who would dose himself in cologne in order to smell like his favorite meal. The impression I get from commercials for body sprays like “Axe” or “Tag” there is a purpose to smelling good. Attracting babes! According to the marketing for those products if you smell good then you will look good too! (Wrong-o boys) But I am pretty sure that if the choice is between a man wearing “Flame” versus a man wearing legitimate cologne the man who doesn’t smell like beef will get the girl!

December 29, 2008

In My Opinion: The Worst Fashion Item of 2008!

The croc shoe in my opinion was the worst fashion item of 2008. These croc shoes were first created to be an outdoor product mainly for boating and water sports, not to wear with your favorite pair of jeans. Yes, they are comfortably but they are not a fashion item to be worn out to dinner with friends. They are great for the beach or if you are working in your backyard. And what’s up with the pins. Croc shoes will always look hideous no matter how many pins you decorate your croc shoe with. I guess I will never understand why the croc shoe is so popular. What do you think was the worst fashion item of 2008?
By Diane

December 26, 2008

Your Best Gift?

What was the best gift you received this year? Share your favorite presents with us! Maybe it is something you are going to buy yourself with a holiday gift card or check. Let us know!

December 25, 2008

In the Mood

How do YOU show the world what kind of mood you're in? Do you start with a smile, a frown, your favorite sweater, request a quiet dinner for two or call your friends for a girls night out? The Grinch (by Dr. Seuss) showed everyone his new happy mood with his homemade Santa suit and big smile! Me? I start with the clothes of course and go from there!

Clothes are the outward expression of my feelings, a key to my thoughts, a guide to my personality and sometimes, a very clear indication that it is laundry day!

At work, take one look at me and you will know what my mood is. Fancy suit and heels? I'm all business and trying so hard to look and act like a business woman, can't you just see the concentration in my eyes?! Dress pants and a sassy sweater, hmmm, I must have more meetings than usual today, dressed for business and comfort and sure hoping there's time for lunch! Jeans, a nice sweater and my favorite loafers? My favorite kind of day. I'm workin' hard on some projects, but come on in, what can I help you with? I'm always up for a challenge.

Have you stopped to take a look at your current wardrobe? Do you find that you buy one style of clothing with one friend and a different style with another? On some days do you buy or prefer to wear certain colors? If you are sad, do you try to wear something that will cheer you up or do you go with it and revel in your misery? (that's ok, sometimes I "go with it" too)

Take a look sometime at the people around you, do you think you can tell what their mood is? I bet if you pay really close attention you will be able to tell. Maybe you will start to see how your mood can effect the clothes you select and how your clothes can change your mood!


December 24, 2008

Christmas PJ's

Merry Christmas!

Tonight is Christmas Eve and I am getting ready to enjoy an evening of family, food and fun. My older sister Katie and I always get dressed up for Christmas Eve since we go to church that night. Often times the gift she gives me for Christmas is an outfit for me to wear to mass. However, once we arrive home, we always put on our coordinating Christmas PJ's. We have been doing this for years! We actually wear them all day on Christmas. Is is a rule in our house now that we are adults that everyone stay in their pj's all day on Christmas.

It all started because our Grandmother used to make us coordinating flannel PJ's with coordinating bonnets and all! (see photo from 1982)

I look forward to wearing my coordinating PJ's from Thanksgiving on! We have even gone to the extreme of buying the Aunts and my husband and brother in law coordinating PJ's too!

Last year my brother in law would not play along so he had to wear a Grumpy Santa hat to dinner (that we had bought at Disney) otherwise we told him he would not get dinner!

I know I am not the only one who partakes in the Christmas PJ's. It is the only holiday where you can find tons of PJ's dedicated to the celebration of Christmas! Even in the Christmas Story Ralphie gets bunny PJ's from his Aunt for Christmas!

I don't think I could get any of my relatives to wear bunny PJ's... but none the less Christmas PJ's are big part of our family celebration!

So-- Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holiday. Sleep tight tonight in your PJ's and maybe Santa will bring you everything you want this Christmas!

by Gabby

December 23, 2008

Fit Matters

Why do we stress out so much over the size of our clothes?
Seriously, it's just a number. Why should it matter if it's an 8 or 10 or 12, or whatever. If we find something we love in "our size" and it is just a bit too snug, we shouldn't be afraid to go up a size, or even two. There are so many fitted styles out there right now. Why shouldn't we be able to wear them even if we are not the perfect size 8! The important thing is to find the size that fits you best.
Don't get hung up on the numbers. We have enough stresses in our lives, this should not be one of them. So girls, let's just let this one go....

So, if it's something you really love, then for goodness sake get it in the right fit for you, regardless of the size. No one will know but you and you will feel great because you'll look fabulous!


December 22, 2008


Dear Santa,

Every year I stress about Christmas. I know this is your time of year, but why does it have to be so dreadful for me. I can’t sleep; I can’t eat thinking about this Holiday and all it entails. Call me a grinch if you like, but why does Christmas have to be so stressful?

The biggest problem is money and having enough of it to buy presents for everyone, so after Thanksgiving I start budgeting and realize that there will never be enough money to go round so how about this year you leave a cash advance in my stocking for next year’s Christmas gifts ???

I hate Christmas shopping! Every year I say I’ll start shopping early, but every year I’m shopping up to the last minute fighting crazy traffic and waiting in 20 minute long check out lines…ugh!

What about all the thought that goes into buying Christmas gifts anyway? I like my gifts to be meaningful so I put a lot of thought into each one, maybe too much thought…? That could be why it takes me so long to get all that shopping done???

Once I actually finish the shopping, you can find me gift wrapping by the tree on Christmas Eve just before my family arrives for the pre-Christmas festivities. At this point I’m not only wrapping gifts, but I’m also cooking, cleaning, and getting dressed…multi tasking at its best!

Speaking of Christmas trees, every year I wonder if I should get a real tree or put up the fake one that I got from Walmart last year, lights included? Then I reminisce back to Christmas of 2005, when my real tree stayed up till the end January and every last pine needle feel to the ground as it was dragged through the living room, then the kitchen, then down the stairs till it finally reached the side walk. I guess I’ll go with the fake one again this year.

Since I decided to go with the fake tree, I now have to spend some time making it look real, adjusting and fluffing each branch to fill in the holes so no one sees the medal rod down the center holding the tree together. Then there’s decorating the tree. Is it just me or does every ornament have to be perfectly placed so they are equaled spaced apart from each other…well, that’s the way I like it anyway.

And there's the weight thing…how many pounds will it be this year? 5? 10? Oh well, there’s always New Years and that thing called a resolution – this year I resolve to lose all the weight I put on last year!

And my favorite part of Christmas (not!), would be the annoying Christmas music that radio stations love to play starting in late November…as if Christmas wasn’t bad enough. Now I have to be reminded of Christmas and all that stress every time I turn on the radio.

On a positive note, I get to spend time with my family and friends, and eat and drink a lot! That’s what I love about Christmas and that’s what’s most important in my eyes…grinch or not.


December 18, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Gift

Candy canes, twinkling lights, and long lines for Santa Clause at the mall brings us back to all those childhood Christmas memories. Perhaps these hints that Christmas is coming to town have got you thinking about a special family memory or…maybe a favorite present! Well, cuddle up with a steaming cup of cocoa and I will tell you a story about my childhood.

Early (very early) on a snowy white Christmas morning, I awoke so excited to spend time with my family/presents. My alter tomboy ego had begged for a bike this year. I gathered my family and settled on the couch with my stocking. Family tradition requires that I wait for all red-eyed adults to drink coffee before opening the presents. I test my persuasion skills briefly to lure my father away from the coffeemaker. But, coffee beans and sugar cubes danced in his head. Tick tock and then the adults finally take their proper seats around the brimming tree. We open presents and I toss aside various gifts…Battleship, a paint set, Sea Monkeys.... all very cool, but not “the gift.” One last present remains under the tree measuring approx 14” X 14”. Now, I am no genius, but that’s no bike. I’m already prepared for disappointment as I dramatically tear away the wrapping paper. And behold a bike helmet. What does this mean? Either my parents think I’m accident-prone…or…maybe, they just forgot I don’t own a bike. The confused look on my face caused them to burst into wild laugher. My father disappeared for several minutes as I ponder what has them so happy about my apparent distress. Then, out of nowhere a gleaming green bike rolls up next to the tree! It was the best Christmas gift!

Tell me your favorite Christmas story!

By Jenny

December 17, 2008

Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

The economy is struggling. Times are tough. But looking good while strapped for cash doesn’t have to be! Its time to “recession proof” your wardrobe. By mixing and matching a few staple items in your closet, your possibilities are endless!

There are several items a woman must own. These are classics that can be paired with a variety of fashion items already in your closet to create many different looks. If you have a little black dress, white button down shirt, and trousers with a classic fit, you have a solid foundation for versatility.

Your basic white shirt can be worn with jeans and boots just as easily as it can be paired with a skirt and heels. Dress up your black dress with pearls and a wrap, or for a less formal occasion it looks great with textured tights and boots. Trousers can easily be worn all week long- with a jacket for work and a turtleneck or fitted tee on the weekend.

If you have a couple bucks and are looking for something new, buy something unique and different that will make you stand out. After all, with everyone cutting back these days, if you have the opportunity to splurge, you’ll want everyone to know!

Finally, a good way to extend the life of clothes that are already in your closet is to accessorize. Accessories can be inexpensive and trendy at the same time. They can make old look new and turn boring into funky.

Most importantly, be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing and you’ll inspire everyone to make do with what they’ve got in the best possible way!

By Sarah

December 16, 2008

Who wore it best: Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Lopez?

Its time again to pick apart..i, celebrities!

In this weeks who wore it best we compare Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Lopez. Who wore this tunic best? Jessica wears it as a top over skinny jeans and JLo takes a sexier approach rockin' this tunic as a dress!!! look at those legs!!

My vote is for JLo!! She looks amazing, and this already overwhelming tunic is simplified by pairing it with nothing but neutral shoes and a great bag! What do you think?

By Beth

December 15, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

My husband and I have a 7-month-old puggle (pug + beagle = puggle). My mom, who is a seamstress by trade, made Freya a hot pink fleece hoodie to wear for the winter.

Freya seems to love her sweatshirt, especially during our early morning play time (temperatures here have been in the low teens).

I thought this was so cute, I went out and bought her a houndstooth wrap and bright orange “puffer” jacket as well. Once I started looking, I was amazed at how many dog fashions there were out there. You can find them in practically every store from basic (Target) to designer, plus there are dozens of shops online...I even saw a dog fashion blog!

The problem is that my husband is 100% appalled by this, and he and seems to think that people who dress their dogs epitomize all is wrong with society today. He thinks it’s frivolous, unnecessary and a waste of money.

I admit that it’s somewhat silly…but it’s also kind of fun. It’s not like I’m pushing her around in a baby stroller or anything. It’s just a coat…or two...or three.

What do you think: is doggy fashion reasonable or ridiculous?

By Bren B

December 12, 2008

How High is too High???

Have you ever asked the question, “can I wear high-waist styles?” It seems like everywhere I look, people are wearing them. They are everywhere in the stores but I never know if they are for me. They seem to look flattering on any body type, tall or skinny, big or small. Once you top them off with a high heel pump or boot, they can make anyone’s legs look long! A high waist skirt looks slimming with tights and a high heel pump! If you like the trend, but are not sure what to wear them with, keep in mind you can wear them with any basic top in your closet. It’s all about the pant!

High-waist pants or skirts look great with a blouse/shirt tucked in of course. They can be dressed up with a sheer blouse or dressed down with a basic t-shirt. You can accent them with a skinny belt and a chunky necklace or earrings to complete the look. If you happen to be blessed with a curvy figure, no worries, go for the wide-leg style over the skinny style. Like I said before, I believe they are for any shape or size. What are your thoughts?

By Allie

December 11, 2008

Employee Interview: Stephanie

1. Who are you and what is your official job title?
Stephanie - Copy Associate

2. Briefly describe what you do on a daily basis...
Editing is a big part--both catalog and web. I write the clothing copy for catalog and web (not headlines in catalog, just clothing stuff). I write a lot of what you see on the web and some emails. Chances are if you spot corny puns or web headlines based on songs... I probably wrote it.

3. What's your favorite part of your job?
Writing for the web allows me to share my attempts at humor. Also, flashing shiny objects at the copywriter (it makes her smile).

4. Least favorite?
Flowing (copy and pasting) what I write into the catalog.

5. What aspect of your job most directly affects our customers?
I'm involved with almost everything you read, either editing or writing it.

6. Do you shop on
And not take advantage of my employee discount? Of course.

7. Just one more...what's your favorite food?
Oh you should know that I don't have favorites. Sushi is up there though and not quasi-sushi (a.k.a. California rolls). Yeah I even eat eel. Sounds yummy huh?

Interview by Jon

Spring anyone?

Winter is just beginning but I’m already thinking about Spring!! I wanted to see what the upcoming trends will be for the Spring season & now I’m so excited!! I highlighted just a few & want to see what other people think…

1-Color block trend: I like the idea of mixing bold colors…I’ve never been able to pull it off but I’m ready for a change now!! 2009 is all about being bold for me!

2-Pencil leather skirts, slick leather jackets, dresses and even leather tops are another trend for Spring 2009. I love my leather jackets (actually one of them is not really leather) but I still feel fabulous when I put it on!! I don’t have a leather skirt & not sure If I could pull one off—no idea what to wear with it—any ideas??

By Sally

December 9, 2008

The Little Black Dress

Ok, Christmas is around the corner and not only are we stressed out looking for that perfect gift for our love ones we need that perfect dress for those holiday parties. So here’s a solution, the little black dress.
Every woman should at least own one little black dress. It’s timeless and it will never fail you. You can always add trendy accessories for a pop of color such as a red patent clutch. Look for details that flatter your shape such as strapless to show off your great shoulders and look for waist detail to show off your amazing hourglass figure. So, if you haven’t already brought a little black dress go out and find one that fits your style. Believe me this is one buy you won’t regret.
By Diane

December 8, 2008

Sparkle, Shine and Shoes!

Miss Lily and Miss Noelle are my two small nieces. Miss Lily, the big sister, is three years old and she owns more pairs of shoes than her Auntie does. The majority of the shoes she owns are shiny, or sparkly. I’m pretty sure even her sneakers have glitter on them. Every time she gets a new pair of shoes she can not wait to show them off. “Auntie Sara look at my new shoes aren’t they soooo beautiful?” The strange thing about this is that neither her mother nor I have an affinity toward shoes. I own what I need to get by but I do not find joy in shoe shopping. I recently brought her shopping and while I was trying to draw her attention to a new outfit she was busy showing me three pairs of shoes that she needed to have. Although, I did not purchase all three pairs of shoes for fear of feeding into her insatiable appetite for shoes, I did purchase one pair of pink ballet flats with silver sparkles. Although I do not share her joie de chaussures (joy of shoes) I hope that she always keeps her love of sparkle and shine…..and new footwear!

December 5, 2008

Employee Interview: Chantelle

1. Who are you and what is your official job title?
chantelle - assistant art director

2. Briefly describe what you do on a daily basis...
build layouts, design spreads & covers, edit images, choose shots for the web, create concepts... whatever needs to be done!

3. What's your favorite part of your job?
designing things that our customers will see and experience.

4. Least favorite?
when there's not enough time in the day to get everything done.

5. What aspect of your job most directly affects our customers?
customers shop from the catalog & web pages that i've helped design

6. Do you shop on

7. Just one more...what's your favorite food?
hard to pick just one! Avocado eggrolls from The Cheesecake Factory, sweet potato quesadillas, eggplant parmesan...

By Jon

addition due to comment request, here's a couple of projects chantelle has worked on...
designed the promotions:

concepted the holiday shop emails:

December 4, 2008

What is your favorite style of jeans?

The results are in and the Bootcut Jean is the clear winner with 56% of the votes. Here are the final results of last week's poll:

Votes: 346

We have a new question for you this week - What is your favorite suit color? Black? White? Yellow? Be sure to let us know by voting in this week's poll.

Thank you to everyone that voted!

December 3, 2008

Who Wore It Best: Ashley or Nicky?

Ashley Tisdale and Nicky Hilton were recently spotted donning the same floral dress at TRL and the Blackberry Bold launch, respectively. Who do you think pulled off the look better? Leave your comments and let us know!

By Jon
Found Via Nitrolicious

Diva of the Week: Tyesha McNeal

Tyesha says: “My favorite diva top…got this last year, and it’s still looking good!”

Why we love it: Tyesha wears this top so well! The sheer balloon sleeves make the proportions just right.

And we love, love, love the addition of the belt and bracelet. They add a personal touch and pull the whole look together.

Want to be our Diva of the Week? Send us a picture of you wearing your favorite outfit:

December 1, 2008

Is the recession affecting your shopping habits?

Everytime I turn on the TV or check my favorite news websites I can't escape all the news about our supposedly failing economy. Though I do believe that times are tough for lots of folks out there it hasn't hit close to home to me quite yet.

In fact, I haven't altered my buying habits at all...just this past weekend I went to the mall and bought a coat for my wife as well as some shirts for myself. Unless I unexpectedly find myself out of a job I don't see myself altering my plans for gift shopping or travel this holiday season.

Has the supposed economic downturn affected how you''ll be spending in the coming weeks?

By Jon

November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday- The New Black Friday

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! For me Thanksgiving is one tiring holiday! I’m not sure if it has more to do with the tryptophan in the turkey or the interstate travel my husband and I embark on every year to visit family…or is it from waking up early for Black Friday shopping?

I don’t know about you but I didn’t actually manage to get much Christmas shopping done this weekend. I always think I am going to get a lot done and score some really good bargains… but somehow that plan always ends up foiled. This year my Black Friday shopping ended early. Some old friends asked my husband and I to go out for fondue since we were in town for the weekend.

In the end dinner was more enjoyable than spending countless hours wandering the mall (especially with my husband in tow) but I am heading back to work tomorrow with hardly a dent in my shopping list! But not to despair! I'll catch up with Cyber Monday deals!
Yes—Cyber Monday. You haven’t heard of it? Well I hadn’t either until recently. So I read more about it on Wikipedia. Apparently the term "Cyber Monday" is a slang term which was conjured up by the U.S. trade association National Retail Federation. The phrased was first used during the 2005 holiday season.
But regardless of how it started, more and more retailers are offering Cyber Monday deals with the mindset that those of you in the same predicament as me will be shopping online at work tomorrow…albeit only on your lunch hours of course!
So—if you are like me and you still have a full list of family and friends to buy for, check out the deals online tomorrow. On new deals posted every hour. Also don’t forget to check your inbox for e-mail deals. A large number of retailers are offering free shipping and many are offering a continuation on Black Friday specials.

At least I figured one gift out… I am getting my best friend a fondue set! Now I just have to order it online tomorrow.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

by Gabby

November 27, 2008

My Thanksgiving Day Charade

Ahh it’s that time of year again…thanksgiving! I woke up at 10am this morning after a well deserved night’s rest and as I was making myself a cup of coffee my brother came out of his bedroom very excited and shouted
“Are you ready, Kenzo?”

“Not yet” I replied slightly annoyed. After all I had just woken up and I'm not a morning person. I went into my room to finish my coffee. He kept yelling at me to hurry up and get dressed. Ten minutes later he started to shout again. I yelled back: “Go away!”

But, believe it or not in a few minutes we were actually out the door and on our way to our aunt’s house. We were going to spend Thanksgiving there. When we arrived at my aunt’s house my cousin Andrea ran outside to greet us (she’s only 9 ¾). My other cousin Natasha a.k.a. “The Diva” finally greeted us with her presence 20 minutes later dressed in her moons & stars printed bathrobe. Out of sheer curiosity I just had to ask her for an explanation. “I don’t have a clean pair of pants” she whined before going back upstairs to her room.

We weren’t surprised in the least bit. See my cousin is a teen diva who has never done laundry or washed the dishes and will only wear designer label clothes and accessories. She’s also 13 going on 30 so she wears make-up, carries a cell phone and wants to buy an Aston Martin Vanquish as soon as she can get a driver's license. What can we expect next? Is this what the next generation is going to be like?

However there is some hope for the next generation – Andy my younger cousin is very intelligent, environment conscious, funny, an avid reader and apparently a good writer (she helped me get past my writer’s block). So now to reward her I’m going to play her favorite trivia game “Taboo”.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

By keNzo

Thanks A Lot!

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I think back this year to all I have been given and what I have to be thankful for. My daughter got married this year. I am thankful to see that she is happy and that her special day was all she hoped for. The cost for all this wedding happiness, not so much; thanks alot! I have family and friends who I love dearly and am so thankful for them. That woman who cut me off in traffic this morning, gggrrrrrr-thanks, thanks alot. The price of gas and oil finally going down; thank goodness, my 401K looking a bit meek these days, thanks oh so much for that one!

but in all seriousness I am thankful for many, many things....
family, friends, good health, love of a good man, a soft bed, roof over my head, freedom; and the very full belly I will undoubtedly complain about tomorrow afternoon.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

November 26, 2008

Who Wore it Best?!

Hi everyone, thanks for all your feedback on who "wore it best"! Do you want to see more who wore it best with new celebrities? Let me know your thoughts and tell me who YOUR favorite celbs are, and we'll see if we can catch them in the act of wearing the same style as someone else! email me at subject- "who wore it best".

Thanks for all the great comments so far!

November 25, 2008

First Lady

Soon America will have a new first lady, and every detail of her life will be under scrutiny, from what she eats to what she wears - like that hideous Narciso Rodriguez dress she wore on election night. I don't know what I hated more - the dress or how she wore it. However, in my eyes, this was her only fashion faux-pas.

Anyway, Michelle Obama is this generation’s Jackie O – an every day woman and mom. She’s fashion forward and fashion conscious, and she’s not shy to speak about her frugal fashions finds. In the media, she's mentioned that she wears clothes from Gap and J Crew, and she's even been spotted shopping at Target.

OK! Magazine ran a story on Michelle Obama in their November 24th issue. I was excited to see that the editors of OK! recommended one of metrostyle's short skirt suits to match Michelle Obama's look! Now you can look like a first lady too!


Photo Courtesy: OK! Magazine

November 24, 2008

What not to wear

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’m so excited to see my family, but I’m already panicking! Not about in-laws or that the turkey might burst into a spectacular ball of flame leaving us Turkeyless (I made that word up)! My biggest issue…I have no idea what I’m going to wear! I know, sounds petty right?

It’s my sister’s year to host. It’s a casual affair, but sweatpants are still out of the question. I want to look nice, but be comfortable and true to my personality.

This year will be the first annual Frisbee Golf tournament. Then there will be the usual challenges from my nephew on Guitar Hero (I totally rock!) and video dance offs from my niece (thank goodness she’s stopped asking me to play baby dolls that’s just not my style!) Of course in the kitchen it will be my job to peel the potatoes and then there’s the eating all day and the accidental napping on the couch.

I’ve spent the last few days staring into my closet and finally got the nerve to approach it. What do you wear for such diverse activities? Today I was miraculously able to narrow down my options by thinking about what NOT to wear. I need a pant with Spandex in it for easy movement and a full belly after dinner, a stretch cotton top for all that vigorous activity and the ability to push the sleeves up while working in the kitchen and maybe a sweater as a layering piece that can be removed for better guitar playing.

Wow, that wasn’t so bad! So I pull out my favorite dark denim low rise jeans, a new light weight ruched cotton turtleneck that I got wicked on sale and a cutaway cardigan for layering!

Now I should start planning for the rest of the holidays…hmm I know a place that’s having a great sale!

By Kyndall

November 21, 2008

Runway to Real Life: The Holiday Dress

My love affair with holiday dresses started when I was 7 years old. That year, my Great Aunt took my sisters and me to see the Nutcracker ballet and bought us each a special dress for the occasion.

My dress had an ivory satin top with a deep red velvet skirt. It was gorgeous, and the moment I slipped it on, I was transformed from tomboy to glamor girl. I barely remember the ballet (sorry Auntie!)…but I’ll never forget that dress!

Now, each year, I watch the winter runways with childlike anticipation. I’m always excited when my favorite trends are plucked from the runway by retailers and transformed into real life, ready-to-wear styles.

Here's what I'm wild about this year...

Amazing Lace:

Not your mama’s macramé, today’s lace is sheer, fitted and sinfully sexy (in a tasteful, sophisticated way, of course!).

There's so many ways to go with this trend, but I think the biggest bang for your buck has got to be the lace dress.

It’s feminine, festive and just all-around fabulous.

Royal Velvet:

Velvet has long been a staple during the holiday season, but this year it is beyond stunning.

Sparkling gemstones, embroidery and flared hemlines give it a royal air that's perfect for holiday parties and occasions.

And while I will always hold a special place in my heart for velvet dresses, I have to admit I'm nuts for this year's velvet separates. Lush blazers, skirts, pants and accessories that can be mixed and matched with, well...anything.

If there's one thing the runways teach us, it's that mixing things up can create a custom look... Velvet blazer with jeans for a casual Friday. Velvet pants with a silky top for an after-work event. Velvet top and skirt for a family affair...or even a night at the ballet with my own little nieces?!

It think it's time to start a tradition!

By Bren B

Are you serious?

I am driving to work, listening to the radio station blah, blah and they cut to a breaking news update. This is great, I can get my news and pretend to hold my own with anyone smarter than me. So as we are conversing, "I can say you know what happened in Rwanda today...." ..So, I can be smarty pants too!

Guess what the update was on? It was on a Madonna’s Divorce and Paris Hilton’s break up! I almost crashed my car….


This is what breaking news has come to? Not that I don’t love a little gossip, every now and then, I am not above that. Discussions about a celebrity and a faux-celebrity like Paris Hilton? Miss famous for doing absolutely nothinnnnnggggggg! She’s not even a real celebrity but that’s a discussion for another day. No wonder the news corporations are going out of business

How can I be a smarty pants without my news? Yesss, it’s all about me.

For any news people reading this, please note that Celebrity Make Up and Break up is not news.

Repeat after me, Gossip is not news.

By Lee Lee

November 19, 2008

Splurges & Steals

Hey Bloggers…..

Do you have your eye on designer duds, but not enough cash to fulfill your need? No worries! There are so many great looks out there at affordable prices.

The key to looking like a million bucks is in the details, not the designers. When shopping, keep a few simple rules in mind and you can transform runway chic into everyday reality.

First, realize that fit is everything. Just about anything looks quality if it’s a perfect fit. A little tailoring can go a long way… Keep it classic. Neutral tones and natural fabrics can help make clothing at any price look high end. Pay attention to small details. A little something that makes an item special is key….overdoing it is a no-no.

Check out these finds that are just as desirable as the original...but at a much friendlier price.

Party Dress
Splurge: Ali Ro Paillette mini dress $225

Steal: metrostyle black sequin dress $59.99

Splurge: Juicy Couture puff sleeve jacket $138

Steal: metrostyle cargo pocket jacket $19.99

Splurge: Linda Pritcher snakeskin-embossed oxford $435

Steal: metrostyle embossed patent oxford $34.99

By Sarah

November 18, 2008

Who wore it best?

When I wear the same shirt as my best friend no one notices nor is it a big deal. When Kim Kardashian wears the same dress that Eva Longoria wore last year, it is all over the web as a big no- no!

However lately people have been less critical of the lovely ladies who don the same duds instead, they have just been comparing them to one another! Which is worse? Being gasped at that you wore the same thing, or being compared under a microscope? Well, being compared is much worse…so lets do it!

Who wore it better…Kim or Eva? My vote is for Kim, those curves and sexy attitude really make this dress as hot as it should be!!

Who is your vote for? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about who wore this dress best!

By Beth

November 17, 2008

Morning Struggle

The hottest commodity in my house is definitely the bathroom. Every morning we all make a mad dash for it and inevitably, my wife wins. Then she spends anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes doing things I can't even guess at. (She's explained it to me several times before but as soon as words like "mascara wand" and "make-up remover" get involved, I zone out.).

Once she's done, she comes out looking exactly like she did when she went in. Then, it takes at least another half hour for her to pick out the perfect outfit which means I'm stuck waiting for her to put it on and finish all her last minute adjustments before I can jump in the bathroom.

This makes absolutely no sense! As a guy, I need only ten minutes to get ready: 3 minutes to shower, 3 to brush my hair and teeth and to put on deodorant, 2 to choose an outfit and 2 to put it on. I can't figure out why my wife needs so much time to look exactly the same as when she woke up. Call me unobservant but what exactly does she do with all that time and why is it necessary?

How long does it take you to get ready each morning? How long does it take you to pick out your outfit? Any clues into the female psyche would definitely help out this poor confused guy.

By Mr. Y

November 14, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Shopping & Stressing: 2 things I do so well! Does anybody else find holiday shopping stressful? Waiting in lines, looking for parking & being surrounded by a million stressed out crazy people??

This holiday season I decided to do all my shopping online. If you’re like me then you’re looking for everything in one place—a one stop shopping experience! I found several sites out there that gave me just what I was looking for—a Holiday Guide/Shop! You can find everything you need from great gift ideas to that perfect outfit for all your holiday parties!!!

This year we decided to offer our customers the same one stop shopping experience at metrostyle. Check out the holiday shop & find everything you need in one place—it’s that simple!

If you're not sure what to buy this holiday season...get a gift card!

Happy Shopping!


P.S. If you're buying for your husband, wife, brother, sister or friends-you also have to checkout the Gift Finder at Select age, sex, relationship & their interest & you're done--it's so easy--you'll love it!

November 13, 2008

Warm Up Your Wardrobe!

Need to warm up your wardrobe? Check out the hottest winter coats of the season. Us ladies always need to look fabulous, so why not start from the outside in?

This season brings a variety of coats, all of which, by the way, are very stylish. From long to short, from wool to leather, from career to casual. There is a coat for every style and every need.

The double-breasted wool coat is a winter wardrobe essential! It’s one coat that will never go out of style. It’s a classic and great for work or for that special occasion.

The quilted jacket is great for the weekends. It’s has a modern look and it’s great for those busy Saturday mornings running errands. It’s also machine wash which is always a plus.

The long leather coat is a must have. It’s another great style that will never go out of style. Great feminine look and it works well over a sexy dress or a pair of trousers with a great top.

Remember we all need at least one coat and a wardrobe of coats for every occasion!

By Diane

November 12, 2008

Too Fat for Skinny Jeans?

Do you feel like you can’t wear skinny jeans? There are so many different styles of denim to choose from. There’s bootcut, skinny, wide leg, high waist, low rise, suspender, flare…the list goes on, as well as all the different washes (dark, light, color).

When I go to the mall to look for a pair of jeans, I never knew if I could get away with wearing skinny jeans. Then I ask the question, what type of shoe do I wear with a skinny jean? What type of top do I wear? As I look through magazines and watch TV, I notice that many people wear longer tops/tunics with skinny jeans, people also wear them with a cropped blazer or even a t-shirt.

As I bought my first pair of skinny jeans, I realized that skinny jeans are not just for skinny people, any shape/size can wear a skinny jean. It is a misconception that you can only wear a skinny jean if you are thin. No matter how big or small you are a skinny jean looks good on anyone once you accessorize with a belt, and a sexy pair of pumps or boots. What I love about metrostyle is that you can find any type of denim jean, including many skinny jean styles, up to a size 20T!!! So I don’t want to hear anyone else say that they are not skinny enough to wear skinny jeans!

By Allie

November 11, 2008

Employee Interview: Ed from Image Processing

1. Who are you and what is your official job title?
My name is Ed and I'm a Digital Image Processor here at Boston Apparel Group.

2. Briefly describe what you do on a daily basis...
I am responsible for digitally editing, adjusting and uploading online catalog imagery and coordinating basic website functions in accordance with the Web Design department. More recently, I have become the project leader of item colorization for the web, where I create colored samples that can be conveniently
viewed by customers online. Also, I occasionally assist the other designers with various creative and technical tasks.

3. What's your favorite part of your job?
It's been great to work with the latest equipment and design software on projects that require utilizing problem-solving skills and presenting new ideas- both of which are things that I enjoy.

4. Least favorite?
Often times, the high volume of work keeps me constantly busy and can pile up with multiple projects coming in at the same time- it can be quite draining at the end of the day.

5. What aspect of your job most directly affects our customers?
The actual image processing and uploading part would probably be the most important, because without my role of prepping and sizing the images to go up on our site, our customers wouldn't be able to see what they were purchasing!

6. Do you shop on
I don't, as a 23-year old male isn't quite their target customer!

7. Just one more...what's your favorite food?
Good question! Probably a toss-up between Spaghetti & Meatballs and Boiled Lobster...

Interview by Jon

November 10, 2008

What is your favorite style of jeans?

Check out the new poll question! What is your favorite style of jeans? My favorite is the high-waist. I am so relieved that high-waist jeans are back in style. Low rise jeans may look good on some but I find the high-waist to be more flattering than the low rise. The high waist is sophisticated and feminine. Try pairing a pair of high-waist pants with a bodysuit and you are sure to look fabulous!

By Sara

November 7, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are almost here and you’ve got a job to do. Picking a gift that is just right can be the hardest chore on your to do list. So why not change it from being the hardest thing on the list to the most creative thing on your list? Here are some tips for creative holiday gift giving.

Listen to what they’re saying
Just by listening to the things your loved ones are saying can be a great way to get hints about the things they really want. Have a conversation with them and ask questions about the things they like or don’t like. Without coming right out and asking them what they want you can get a lot of really valuable information from them about the types of things they would like to receive.

Gifts for Mom
Mom can be the hardest one to buy for. What do you buy the woman who already has everything? Metrostyle has a great accessories section that has everything from scarves to sunglasses and what Mom wouldn’t like a designer inspired handbag?

Gifts for Her
This could be a sister, sister in law, friend, cousin or aunt. Why not fill up a fabulous handbag with all the goodies she likes? Fill it with candy, promises of free babysitting, gloves, books, make-up or gift cards! The possibilities are endless!

Gifts for the Student
Make life a little easier for your student this holiday. Fill a stylish handbag full of goodies as well as useful items. Throw in a gas card, a gift card to a local supermarket or some spending money for campus stuff. Throw in a metrostyle gift card so they can buy anything they choose. Toss in a belt, a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses.

Express your feelings
Use the holidays to express what you feel about friends and family. Make something special for them if you are good at some sort of craft. An excellent idea is to get together some old photos and compile them into a nicely decorated scrapbook. You can use almost any theme at all. Make up a book from the last holiday gathering to present to aunts or mothers. This is great for those relatives who live far away. Make up a book of special memories for a spouse or significant other. For teens make up a book of baby memories.

No matter what gift you choose to give always remember to cherish your time together. Gifts can be returned and replaced but friends and family are to be cherished always. And when in doubt go for a gift card and let them decide. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

By Brooke

November 6, 2008

Top Model: And then there were four…

As you know metrostyle has used some of the winners from America’s Next Top Model. Well, I’ve been a fan of the show since cycle 1 – the girls get wilder and Tyra gets kookier every season. Did anyone watch the show last night?

Last night the remaining five contestants were challenged to travel by boat through the streets of Amsterdam to their go-see appointments. Five designers waited as the girls frantically tried to see as many of them as possible in a short amount of time. Whoever got the most bookings, and made it back in time was the winner.

As usual, Marjorie was a nervous mess…the poor thing….she spent most of her time running around in circles and only made it to 2 go-sees. Samantha was too commercial for the designers and Elina had too many tattoos. Analeigh tried too hard, but ultimately won the challenge - $18,000 worth of designer merch - because McKey was disqualified for being 5 minutes late…too bad for her because she had the most bookings of all.

Then later in the show, the one and only fierce and ferocious Tyra photographed the girls herself. Each girl had 2 shots – one not made up and the other all dolled up. At eliminations, Miss Jay practically undressed Elina. Come to find out, she’s only 18! Just barely legal, but I guess that wasn’t enough – she was voted off. Sorry Elina, you are not America’s Next Top Model.

And by the way, can we make it through just one elimination without Tyra posing...please?


November 5, 2008

Diva of the Week

Are you a metrostyle Diva?

Are you sassy, fun and unique? Do you love all the latest metrostyle fashions? Then we are looking for you!

Send us a picture of yourself in your favorite metrostyle outfit for your chance to be our next Diva of the Week! Email your pictures to:

by Suzy

November 4, 2008

Miami, Miami… You’ve got style!

This fall our creative team headed to Miami, to kickoff the Spring 2009 catalog season. As the days grow colder and shorter in the northeast, they could think of no better place to photograph our new sexy summer swimwear and metroblues styles. After all Miami is known for its blue skies, sunshine and sands by the mile… yeah right!

While most of the swim photo shoot, photographed at Glass Haus Studios, had beautiful weather… during the last few days, shot on Miami streets, the weather proved challenging. The models including ANTM, Dani Evans, were forced under cover to preserve their hair and makeup!

At the end of their long days of shooting, the creative team retreated to the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove. However, they were far too tired to enjoy the hotels amenities.

For an insiders view of a metrostyle photo shoot check out our video backstage pass of the Fall 2008 shoot and look for your copy of the new Spring Transition catalog coming in mid January!

By Gabby