March 31, 2010

What's Hot 'White' Now?

So we all spend a lot of time talking about trends for the new Spring season; Nautical, Safari, etc. But if you're like me and work a "normal" job and make "non-celebrity level" money, then you know it gets to be very financially tasking to buy into every trend that's out there and most of our wardrobe usually consists of basics - your basic white button down shirt, basic color tees and cardis, your favorite blue jeans - and every now and then, a trendy, flashy accessory to glam it up.

I love some of the basics we have this season on metrostyle - some of the basic knit tops and especially in the Buy 2 & Save section, loaded with tops and shoes (you buy more, you save more!) And these basics will last you through all seasons - Sleek Knot-Front Tank and Bootcut Jeans with flats or sandals in the Spring, and throw a Cascade Cardigan on for the Fall! And you don't HAVE to buy the plain old white shirt, we've got some great alternatives too, like this Ruffled Short Sleeve Shirt - I think I'm going to have to get!

What basics do you have in your closet and what do you do to 'trend' it up?

March 30, 2010

Summer Preview is Here!

What is small and sweet? Our Summer Preview sneak peek video!
Check it out: view the video

March 26, 2010

Ode to the Jean Jacket

How do I love you? Let me count the ways...

I love you in springtime.

I love you in fall.

I love to wear you anytime at all.

I love when you're sexy.

I love when you're chic.

I even love you when you are pink.

But oh, jean jacket, I must confess...

I love you most because you s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

March 25, 2010

Every Day is a Jeans Day

If I had to make a list of my favorite things, jeans would be at the top of my list! Dark, medium and light washes. Relaxed, curvy, bootcut and slim fits. Plain, embroidered, embellished with rhinestones, rips and tears. These are a few of my favorite things. If you haven't guessed I am a jeans kinda gal, which is why I was so excited when our company announced we could wear jeans every day! Oh my!

Jeans are no longer just for the weekend as more and more companies go casual. The jean can be dressed up with a great pair of boots and a blouse and still look professional. With so many styles out there now, it is easy to create a new look and feel everyday. Of course there are still rules to follow as to what is acceptable in the workplace. For example, jeans with rips and tears that show skin are out. Use common sense and when in doubt, save them for the weekend.

Just slipping into the perfect pair of jeans can lift your spirits. They can express a mood: relaxed fit - laid back, slim fit with embellishments - flirty. What makes a pair of jeans perfect to you? Fit, color, style? For me the fit is very important, then the style.

Now is the time to shop for that next perfect pair of jeans - Metrostyle is having a denim sale. You can get 20% off select denim styles by entering the promotion code MSDENIM. Go to and check out some of our great styles!

by Izzy

March 24, 2010

Poll: What's Your Denim Style?

There are so many different styles of denim today, it's hard to know what to choose!

You've got your comfy basics, of course. But there are also jeans with rhinestones, studs, prints, tie-dye, rips & tears...not to mention the denim trouser!

We're taking a poll: what do you look for in a jean?

Comfy basics or Unique embellishments or Specialty cuts
Vote in the poll on the right. Click "comment" to state your case for your favorite.

March 22, 2010

Too Sexy for My Catalog…

We’ve heard it all a million times before on TV, radio & magazines everywhere: sexy sells. But how sexy is too sexy? Back in 2009, metrostyle did try out the super sexy approach, like so many other fashion brands. But it just didn’t seem to fit the brand right.

Guest Blogger, Belinda B. agreed, saying:

“I like the quality of the clothing from Metrostyle. I’ve not been disappointed, ever. One comment though, the way the clothing is modeled in the catalog takes away from the value of your product. Many times your models look a bit trashy just by virtue of the way the clothes and shoes are worn, or rather, should not be worn. Otherwise, I like Metrostyle and see no reason to shop elsewhere.”

For 2010, we shed the super sexy approach and opted for a more playful-yet-flirty approach.

OK blog readers – what do you think? Do you prefer the “super sexy” look or the new “playful” approach?

March 19, 2010

Spring Staple: The Shirtdress

This spring think HAPPY! Forget the recession and dull, dark days of 2009 and start thinking bright, vibrant colors, eye-catching prints, and blooming shapes! The spring season is here and it’s time to burst out in style!

Bold colors are springing up all over and metrostyle has some great looks for the season like the Print Shirt Dress that was featured in the March issue of More Magazine! A great spring dress is a staple for any wardrobe and an affordable one that looks great is even better!

So make yourself smile by wearing clothes that make you shine. Bright colors and bold prints will make you feel optimistic and cheerful! Just looking through your closet and seeing a rainbow of colors will make you forget all about the cold, dark winter and think SPRING!

By: The metrostyle PR Team

March 15, 2010

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Guest Blogger: Tara T.

Now, I know you’ve seen some shoes before that you’ve told yourself that you would absolutely, under no circumstance wear. I mean even if somebody gave you the shoes you wouldn’t wear them. But in order to be a trendsetter you must, and I mean you must become daring. You have to be the one to bring something out so others can follow your trend.

So, first, challenge yourself to buy a pair of shoes that you normally wouldn’t buy. Then don’t wear the shoes until you have done what I told you in TIP 1. Go out and buy an outfit that makes the shoes stand out.

Do not purchase an outfit that will speak louder than the shoes because you are not setting a trend and no one will notice your entire “hookup.” You are never supposed to let the outfit make you, you are supposed to make the outfit.

So buy those daring shoes, purchase an outfit that just goes perfectly with the shoes, accessorize, get your hair and nails done, and then sit back and absorb all the compliments. I do it all the time, and boy, do I love it!

March 10, 2010

Back from the Land of the Rising Sun

Konnichiwa! I'm back from a whirlwind tour (that barely scratches the surface) of the amazing country that is Japan! It was incredible! :) Japan is so ahead of our time, they've really thought of EVERYTHING: We bought sushi at a food court-type level that's in the basement of their department stores (that are ELEVEN stories high!), they tape a cold pack to the top where the fish is; the vending machines dispense cold AND hot drinks; even the bathroom mirror in the hotels block off a rectangle in front of the sink (that is heated from the inside) so that the mirror doesn't fog up!

Being in Japan was literally and figuratively being in another world, the Japanese are so fashion-forward, everyone is always dressed very chic and put together, no matter where they're going. The older population will wear their Kimono, Zori (Japanese Sandal) with the Tabi (Japanese Sandal Sock - that even has a separate compartment for the toes!) and the adult and young adult population dress very well, a lot of the trends I saw there, mirrored what we're looking forward to this Spring and Summer: lots of Nautical trends, stripes, navy blues, reds and whites, anchors and crests. Western style cowboy boots, studded boots, over-the-knee boots and fringe boots matched with tights and little mini dresses and skirts. I didn't, however, see as much "Harajuku Fashion" as I expected, just a couple of girls dressed up like Little Bo Peep and a few people dressed in Goth style out at night - guess I'll just have to go back again sometime to catch some more crazy fashion!

March 8, 2010

Fashion: My Everyday Artform

By Guest Blogger: Tracy

So, just what is it that I love about fashion? To me, clothes aren’t just a way to cover up. They’re a form of art and self expression that is accessible to us every day. Even if I’m just walking to the corner store, throwing on a colorful scarf and great bag transforms me, making me feel as if I’m embarking on an adventure. Although I’m drawn to a variety of styles, it’s funky, color-drenched pieces with a glamorous edge that really captivate me. In fact, that’s why I turned to Metro Style yesterday – I was looking for a few stand-out items to punch up my wardrobe. I’d been a loyal Metro Style customer in the past (back when you were still Lerner!), and during that time I’d amassed an impressive collection of colorful shoes. Remembering this, I hunted through your clearance section and found a pair of yellow open-toed heels encrusted with rhinestones and a pair of orange and white polka dotted sandals as well as a trendy, multi-colored print top with dolman sleeves, all for just under $50.00. I can hardly wait to start building outfits around them! Maybe I’ll even end up posting them on my blog,

Metro Style’s affordable prices are another selling point for me. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding a bargain. When I shop, I head straight for the sale and clearance racks, hooked by the possibility of finding a few gems. Shopping this way is more satisfying than simply plucking a garment from a rack crammed with dozens of others just like it. Plus, buying sale stuff means you can afford to buy more. And who doesn’t want more? I imagine I’ll comb through a good many sale racks, both physical and virtual, before the arrival of my dazzling shoes and shirt.

So, thanks, Metro Style, for keeping your styles fresh and your prices low. I’m sure it won’t be long before I pop in again for another “find” to add to my closet!

March 5, 2010

rainy days are on their way

spring-feeling days are now mingling among the snowy ones, which means that soon we're going to be in rainy season. i have mixed feelings about rain: it's good for the earth & all of the spring seedlings which will grow yummy vegetables, but it's also grey and depressing unless you can stay home in your pj's. what i hate most is when i'm walking doesn't matter which shoes or boots i wear, inevitably the bottom hem of my pants gets wet, which is annoying. my latest trick to avoid this is to either cuff my jeans, or roll them up. this solves the wet-hem problem, and luckily, it suits my style. of course, i'm priveliged enough to be able to wear jeans to work any day of the week!

March 3, 2010

Trend Report: What’s Hot in Tops

Trend: Riviera Chic
The nautical look is reinvented with a youthful-yet-upscale vibe. Look for ultra-thin or ultra-wide nautical stripes.

Trend: Glamazon
Tribal-inspired style with a feminine twist for a look with undeniable impact. Look for animal prints in unexpected hues.

Trend: The Ruffled Blouse
Rows of frothy ruffles soften the look of structured blouses. Try this look in solid or sheer fabrics.

Trend: Chambray
This ultra-lightweight denim fabric is a must-have for casual wear this season. Try this trend out in tunics over knit leggings.

Trend: The Boyfriend
The easy silhouette that’s inspired by menswear, but is designed to flatter a woman’s body. Look for button front shirts, tunics, tees and sweaters.

Trend: Future Form
A gorgeous combination of fluid fabrics and structural details. Look for asymmetrical necklines and cutout details.

by: Bren B

March 1, 2010

How to Create a Unique Hookup

By Guest Blogger: Tara T.

Hello my beautiful ladies of fashion!

This blog post may not come as a surprise since Spring…Did I say Spring? Yay!!! Yes, Spring is right around the corner. Many of us are already working on our Spring wardrobes; while others are still trying to get our Winter wardrobes up to par (lol).

With Spring right around the corner we all want to look our best, and in my opinion, different. Now, I don’t know about you, but I just love to look different. I am called the trendsetter of my town because no one will never know where to find each piece of clothing I am wearing. I have a few fashion tips that will be sure to help you get your gear up.

Tip #1: We all have gone shopping and went into a store simply because of the outfit we saw that was perfectly coordinated on the manikin in the window. There may have been a few times when we just had to have the exact same “hookup” that the manikin in the window was wearing; even down to the accessories. Ladies…This is a fashion NO-NO!

Never, ever, and I mean never, go into a store and ask to buy every last piece of merchandise that was displayed on the manikin because, guess what? The same way you saw and just fell in love with the outfit on the manikin, is the same way hundreds of other women did the same thing.

Do not buy everything you saw the manikin wearing, and instead pick out the piece of clothing you like the best and purchase that. Then, take whatever you bought, whether it be the shirt or the pants, and take that into another store with you. Now, sometimes you have to check your purchase in at the counter, but beg the sales rep to let you take your purchase in so you can match it. Offer to let them hold something else of yours if you have to, but do not enter that store unless you have what you are trying to match.

Once you have found the shirt to go with your jeans, both items purchased from different stores, go to a completely different store and accessorize. Now, I am not saying that by doing this no one else will have what you have, but the chances are far less of someone having your identical outfit on if you follow these steps.

Now you don’t have to worry about walking into your job and having the same outfit on as your rival counterpart (that person who has fashion battles with you). I have been doing this for over 10 years and I have never seen anyone wearing the exact same thing as me. I have seen someone wearing maybe the shirt or pants that I was wearing, but they complimented me about my outfit because of how I coordinated it.

Stay tuned for more tips from Tara...coming soon! Next up? Shopping for shoes!