August 24, 2010

Fall Trends: Lovely Leather and Glittery Gold

I’m seeing a lot of great trends for the Fall 2010 season. Some of which I will proudly wear but others leave me with a twinge of longing. Leather is big for fall and if you don't already know I love leather jackets! In fact, I wore my Leather Biker Jacket to work this morning (its cold and raining in New England this week). But the one trend I’m not sure I can pull off is gold. This vibrant burst of sunshine was all over the Fall 2010 runway, including Michael Kors. Don’t get me wrong, I love gold jewelry, it goes great with my skin tone, but I’m just not sure if I can wear an entire gold dress, jacket or suit. Maybe I’ll start small and subtle with the Ruffled Stretch Shirt in Antique Gold. Hopefully this will help me ease into the trend and I will be comfortable enough to glitter in gold in no time! So, what trends are you most excited for? Are there any trends you wish you could wear but aren’t sure you could pull off? If so, what are you doing to gain the confidence to try the trend?

August 20, 2010

A Fashionista's Attempt At Being A Party Hostess

Typically I’m excited for the weekend, but not this week. Believe it or not I’m actually dreading the weekend. Why you ask? Well, I’m hosting a big shin-dig at my house and I’m a bit nervous. The party is celebrating three major life events; my birthday (another yr older, great), our new house (my hubby and I just bought and settled into a new home 6 weeks ago) and my sister just got engaged (super excited). Yes, I’m happy for all these great things but I’m a little freaked out about pulling off a great party. I consider myself an ok cook and a great hostess but 50 people all at once? All I keep thinking is…Will I have enough food? Will there be enough parking? Is the house clean enough? Will everyone have fun? I could keep going but I really just need an outsider’s opinion and help. What are your tips for throwing a great party? What has helped keep you cool and calm under the pressure?

August 16, 2010

2010 Wardrobe Must Have's

Afternoon Ladies: As you all know I’m in the process of updating my fall wardrobe (reference my LDB post). Especially my wardrobe staples; Black/Grey/Tan Dress, Trench Coat, Pencil Skirt and Blazer.

But I love to have classic styles with more flair and pizzazz then the regular person. So, exactly how do these pieces translate into something unique I know my friends won’t have? Well I’ve come up with my 2010 metrostyle season must haves, do they match yours?

2010 metrostyle Must Haves:

  1. Python Print Skirt– The cool grey and tones will match with mostly anything while the animal print will make it stand out!
  2. Pleated Surplice Dress – Will be perfect on its own or can easily be paired with a sweater, vest or belt to add drama.
  3. Textured Metallic Blazer – This blazer adds shine while still be ale to add brightly colored tops for extra wow!
  4. Belted Leather Coat – A Trench Coat styled Leather Jacket?...what more could a girl ask for!

August 12, 2010

The Summer Blockbuster Vs. The Chic Flick

Summer is normally filled with big box office action flicks. Remember when Will Smith ruled the summer with smash hits like Men in Black, and Independence Day? Well to be honest I’m not all that impressed with the action film selection this year. Yes, Inception looks interesting and is raking in the $$$ but the storyline is so out there I’m not sure if it’s worth paying $11 per ticket, especially if I might have to see it again in order to properly understand the plot and ending.

Actually, I prefer romantic chic flick movies and boy do those have my attention this summer! My weekend plans are to get a group of my girlfriends together and see Eat Pray Love. I adored the book so how could you go wrong with turning it into a movie staring Julia Roberts? I will also be seeing Charlie St. Cloud in a few weeks, right after finish the book. Most importantly, can’t wait till the Last Song comes out on DVD next week. I missed its' run in the theaters and Nicholas Sparks is pure romantic genius.

So what will you be watching? Chic Flicks or Action/Summer Blockbusters?

August 10, 2010

Help Me update My LBD

Since Fall is right around the corner I’m in the process of updating my wardrobe staples. One thing I know I can’t live without is my Little Black Dress (LBD). I’m sure you ladies are with me on this one! I’ve worn my LBD too many times to count and it has saved me when I feel I have nothing to wear. My current LBD has longevity (I’ve had it 5 yrs now) but since my hubby rolls his eyes every time I take it out of the closet I feel it might be time to update this beloved staple as well. As with any LDB I’m looking for wardrobe versatility, a classic timeless style and a bit of edgy sexiness. My top 4 favorites are the Studded Sheath, Illusion Top Dress by Tiana b, Side Ruched Dress and the Seamed Sheath Dress. Here’s where I need your help, I love them all and don’t know how to choose. So please vote for which dress you think I should purchase, the winner will become a part of my new fall wardrobe!

August 9, 2010

Jumpsuits are Back!

Jumpsuits are in! Just ask the style experts at REDBOOK magazine, who featured metro's Dolman Sleeve Jumpsuit recently in a spread about fast fashion. They were inspired, I guess, by the idea of the modern jumpsuit. And who wouldn't be?

Anyone who owns a jumpsuit knows they are the ultimate outfit in an instant. All that's left for you to do is to jazz up your jumpsuit with a great belt, some hot heels and a rockin' bag. And your one-piece wonder is ready for anything! Now, that's what I call instant gratification...

August 6, 2010

The Travel Blunders of a Fashionista

So I just returned from my vacation and had any amazing time. The rapids were awesome, the scenery was spectacular and it was relaxing to get away from the everyday “hustle and bustle”. But I will admit I did have a few mishaps in my travels. They were small and we were able to laugh at them (as I’m sure you will).
  1. Our car got a flat tire, our spare was also flat and for some reason no one had their AAA card on them…
  2. My trusty water sandals were not so trusty…They broke and I was left barefoot 10 minutes into our rafting adventure.
  3. All our clothes were wrinkled and mismatched… This I admit is my fault because I forgot to pack in advance so I had my husband throw stuff in a bag (I really think that’s just what he did) while I was at work.
Obviously I need travel advice for the future. What are your top 5 travel necessities? Better yet what is the best advice you can offer when traveling?

August 5, 2010

For those about to rock…I salute you.

Heavy metal rock music is not my thing. But my husband loves it, and I love him. So when he asked me to go to a Creed concert with him, I said yes with one stipulation: I’d need a new outfit.

As I explained to my husband, my typical ruffles, lace and love of all things frilly would simply not do at a rock concert. He chuckled knowingly, and replied, “Just try to keep it under $100.”

No prob. I love a challenge.

When deciding what to buy for this concert, I knew I didn’t want to go overboard and end up looking costume-y. I also wanted items that were somewhat edgy, but could also blend with my regular wardrobe. Here’s what I got:

Boyfriend jeans ($35) + a black tank I already own ($0) + a long chain necklace ($20) + plus (my fave) edgy studded pumps ($40). Simple. Chic. Cheap.

Rock on!

By: Bren B