July 12, 2010

Tapping into a Trend

According to my various fashion sources, the military look is in. I see that Gisele Bündchen wore what looks like a camo minidress, plus helmet, on the cover of Vogue Mexico in May. And then there’s Reese Witherspoon in olive drab while filming in LA in June.

So here’s my problem: how do I include this trend in my wardrobe without looking kind of silly. I certainly can’t rock a minidress like Gisele, unless I want my friends to question my sanity and to avoid my vicinity when I’m wearing it. Reese’s look is kind of more my speed. I tend to have more classic taste so I might not be up for adding the fedora, I think you have to have the right kind of attitude to get away with that.

When I googled military fashion, I think I came up with the solution. One online article suggested that you can add small doses of a trend to your wardrobe, like wearing khaki or olive or tan, to give yourself an update without being too obvious. Luckily, Metrostyle had an option for me. Or two. What do you think, the olive cargo pant or the short cargo pocket skirt in this kind of camo-like pattern? Now all I have to do is to find a top; and I’ll be, if not trendy, at least in the territory.