July 30, 2010

The Thrilling Adventures of a Fashionista

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I have a huge smile on my face. Why you ask? Because at 5pm today I’m officially on vacation, yay! Not only am I’m on vacation but I’m headed to one of my favorite places on earth Maine. Yes, you heard me right Maine. No, it’s not my favorite because it’s the state where I was born and raised (ok yes that probably has a lot to do with it) but it has this amazing laid back vibe that you can’t replicate near the city. Plus, it’s a drivable distance from where I now call home. I can’t wait to sit on the front porch of the cabin watching the sun set over the lake and just listen to nature. I’m sure I’ll probably go for a hike and a bike ride or two but I’m most excited about the white water rafting trip. Yes, I miss fashion maven, city dweller, and book worm loves an adventure! Contrary to public opinion I’m an adventurous person and I’m always looking the next best thrill. Whether it’s skydiving, parasailing, spelunking or hang gliding I’ll try it.

So what adventurous things are on your list? What have you always wanted to try or what do you recommend? I’d love to hear your adventure ideas because as I said I’m game to try anything and just might add your suggestion to my “bucket list”!