October 28, 2008

To Belt or Not to Belt

As I stare into my closet at my hanger full of belts I ask myself "How am I going to do this without looking like a fool?" I approach a red wide buckle belt and try it over my button down blouse. Wow, I really do look put together and instantly slimmer. The next day I try a low slung belt over a turtleneck and a skirt.

After a week of wearing belts every other day I realize it’s true what they say: you can wear them anytime with virtually anything your mind can dream up. Belts look amazing over sweaters, shirts, coats and dresses – just to name a few!

Wearing a belt is all about confidence and flaunting your curves! If you are a little heavier and want to create an hourglass figure…wear a wider belt high up on the torso. It takes pounds off immediately. If this does not feel comfortable and you want to feel less restricted wear a belt low slung on your hips to draw attention off your waist.

If you want to try the look but be more subtle about it, try self-belted pieces, like a dress or a wrap shirt. These give the illusion of a belt but are also extremely slimming and flattering to everyone.

Just go for it! Once you start trying different sizes over different pieces you will learn what works best for you. Remember, just because it looks good on your sister doesn’t mean you can wear it the exact same way. All you have to do to get the look is change the width of the belt and where you are wearing it on your body to flatter you in the best way possible.

By Beth