January 15, 2010

Magic Shoes

Have you guys heard of the new Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers? I just bought a pair yesterday and can’t wait to see if they really do what they claim. They claim to increase muscle activation in your calves and glutes when you walk. I am hoping that they work as they claim! I’m not big on exercising so any increase in the effects of any activity I am doing is appreciated. Now I know their not magic shoes and won’t magically make my legs and glutes look good. I know that when I’m sitting at my desk they are not working. But I am hoping that trips to the bathroom and cafeteria will be more productive. I am also going to start walking more to maximize the benefits of my new shoes. I can’t wait to see the results! The perfect pants to emphasize my new physique- Skinny Jeans!

by Sara