February 22, 2010

Fashion in the Modern Era

By Guest Blogger: Cecilia

Let's all be like the old Betsy McCall Doll and wear the same outfits each month; cute, trendy and certain that we, in the USA will all think the trendy clothes are "just my style". No. No. No. We are more diverse in this country than ever. I am in my fifties and very active, I love skirts and jeans for every day wear. I know that most men like to see a woman in ankle or ballet length skirts. . . Men tell me they like my clothes but I seldom find any thing in the "Major" Clothing Store chains at my local mall that I love!

Recently a small shop opened at the mall and there were the clothes I would design and wear: FINALLY. They also sell Yoga Clothing which isn't a trend but the clothes are great for comfort and flexibility when doing any type of work-out. I know many women that are into yoga even in this remote far "North" town. I have been practicing for 6 years and consider it the best kept secret of this New Era. It is really a way of life and that spills over into "fashion sense"

Most of us females yearn to feel freedom of movement in our clothes. Cotton or Rayon, crinkle skirts can be gorgeous and look and feel great. Men compliment me all the time and say I look like a "lady" - I like that! Okay. Many will not agree but I do dress for my sense of style. Being a redhead means certain colors look good on me with my hair & fair skin. One of the colors that is a basic in my wardrobe is really not a color: Black. I have been told by men friends and my girlfriends that it looks great on me. That's one of the things that fashion "maker's" often forget is the color choices. The stores are often sold out of certain colors; often the basics white, black, red. This should tell the buyers to buy more and keep tabs on the sizes that sell out first so they can adjust ordering.

I have wanted to say this for a long time; we are all unique. True But still most women of the New Millennium want to look feminine. Jeans are for all ages, shapes and sizes of women. but the "Trend makes" us settle for the low cut hiphugger or below the waist styles. and for women with a long torso but not "Tall" this is torture to wear. If you are as slim as a runway model you might pull it off. I see so many college age young women in tight-fitting jeans with snug t-shirts that are NOT super thin but not "fat" but these clothes in the sizes they wear make them look awful; and they do it because that's what's in the "Mall-stores." One of the stores that caters to the ultra young and thin is M*******. Some of their clothes are okay, but I always feel depressed in that store. The merchandise, if for the new "Season" is way overpriced!
I used to shop sales there or buy gifts for my daughter (she's 20) but no more. I am serious. There needs to be more input from women in their 40's and up on the type of clothes WE want to see in stores.
And, by the way, Oprah is 56. Her own fashion "look" compliments her assets; she looks great in the clothes she wears, but most of us do not have her "resources."