February 12, 2010

Happy “overrated” Day

I went into Hallmark the other day to get my mother a birthday card and was overwhelmed with the colors red, pink and white. There were hearts everywhere, romantic music coming from the speakers, people cramming the aisles looking at cards and a nauseating scent of chocolate…this means one thing…Feb 14th must be approaching…and oh how I dread it!!!

Valentine’s Day, I feel, categorizes everyone into 2 groups: the first group includes those who are single and hate this day just because they feel the pressure to hate the day because everyone else who is single hates the day…ugh. Why do you hate a day? And why do you feel the need to vocalize how much you hate it?

The second group are those who “looooove” Valentine’s Day soooo much because its sooo sweet and such a great day to be able to share your love with your partner.... Come on…if you are in love, you can share it everyday with the person. You don’t have to announce it on full blast on Feb 14th, that you are in love. I hope you are in love 365 days a year, not just this one…but thanks for posting it on your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace…we are glad this one day makes you feel more in love than ever, but just remember those flowers you think are oh so special, were sent to a million other people in the world! And just maybe the husband, boyfriend or admirer remembered it was Valentine’s Day that morning…

Wait, look at me writing all this!!! I am just a big grouch!!!! All I am doing writing this is complaining!! I never thought of myself as someone who hates v-day and complains, but here I am, complaining in a blog!!!! Yikes!! Hmm, maybe because every year I get a card from my husband which you can tell it was the last card left on the shelf and he writes in pencil and the seal is still wet when I open it! Haha!!

You know, Maybe people just hate the day because it’s a silly manufactured holiday!
It’s just another day of the year. I guess we can complain every year about how stupid it is, but you know, I guess if it makes people happy and feel special then its not so bad!!!!! And those who complain, well, you have good reason, too! It’s a silly day that is way overdone!! So, I can see both sides of this “holiday”.

What about you? Do you hate it or love it?
By Beth