May 10, 2010

May Flowers: How to Wear Floral Prints

By Guest Blogger Tara T.

Okay so I know you’ve all heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. This saying is all too true for making a fashion statement during this season. If there is no better time to wear flowers May is definitely that time. Now of course you don’t want to walk around looking like your grandmother’s 1950’s couch. But there is a way to wear flower prints and make a fashion statement that will be noticed by everyone.

Now that you are a magnificent woman choose flower prints that are bold, alive, and tasteful. If you decide to wear a flower print dress pick one color that is less dominant in the dress, and accessorize using that color. If you choose a color in the dress that is less noticeable to the eye, but you accessorize with that color you will allow that color to become the distraction from the flowers. Matching your eye shadow with the less dominant color will also add a touch of class to your overall outfit.

When wearing flower prints you can easily overdo your outfit because the flowers alone take up 96 percent of your outfit. You have to find a way to balance your entire look for the day, and that means never overdue accessories. Your accessories should compliment your outfit, not bombard your outfit. There is nothing worse than wearing accessories that scream out, “hey notice me not the outfit.” So this means choose accessories such as your necklace, earrings, and bracelet that are simple, yet elegant. I suggest a simple pearl, or diamond because these accessories compliment any piece of clothing whether it be jeans, shorts, or a dress. If you want to add more color simply choose a diamond or pearl that has color to them.

Your shoes should always be simple when wearing flower prints because once again the flowers alone make a statement. If more people are complimenting your shoes than your outfit that tells you your outfit does not say anything. You do not want to spend an hour or more putting the entire outfit together only to have someone compliment you by saying, “your shoes are so awesome.” You want a compliment that will address your entire outfit such as, “You look beautiful today.”

Remember flower prints do not come with warning labels that say you must be 50 or older to wear them. You can be any age and any nationality and wear flower prints the way no one has ever wore them before. You will know that your outfit speaks for itself when you look in the mirror and have a red carpet moment. Always remember to choose flower prints that match your personality and taste; compliment your outfit with accessories never overdo it; and make sure you wear the outfit, never let the outfit wear you. As I always say make sure you bring out the U that hides within you.