December 28, 2009

“Are you wearing a girdle?”

OK, I’ll admit it…since Thanksgiving, and leading up to the holidays, I’ve put on a few extra pounds. So for Christmas, I bought myself a pair of jeans with a built-in tummy slimmer.

Honestly, I didn’t have much faith that they would make any difference at all, but from the moment I arrived at the Christmas party, people kept telling me how thin I looked.

I was feeling pretty good about myself until my 85-year-old, hearing-impaired great Aunt asked very loudly, “Did you lose weight, or are you wearing a girdle?”

My face was as bright red as Rudolf’s nose. I then found myself the center of attention trying to explain the concept of jeans with built-in slimming panels – which is light years beyond a girdle!

But seriously, next time I wear my slimming jeans, should anyone ask, I’m just going to say, “Thank you,” and walk away.

By: Ben B