December 17, 2009

Q&A: What tops would make me appear smaller and taller?

I'm a 53 year young women, 5'' 2 inches tall and big breasted. What tops would make me appear smaller and taller at the same time, without having too wear 6 inch heels ? I do a lot of walking on my job. Thank you for any suggestions you can give.

- Sharon Douglass-Green

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for writing in. Here's what we recommend:

Try a surplice style top (like item's one of our customer favorites). The deep V-neckline of surplice styling is flattering to the bust, while side ruching on the top gives the illusion of a longer torso. We offer a metallic colorway which is good for parties of special events, but we also offer black in white which can be worn to the office or in more casual settings!

Given your height, opt for straight-leg or bootcut pants and jeans. Pinstripe pants and pants with a front crease or seam can also give the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette. Try our Pinstripe Pants (#66690) for work and Seamed Jeans (#72200) for a casual look.

Last but not least, when it comes to blazers (such a hot look right now for work or weekend), you'll want to make sure you get a style that hits right at your hips for the best effect. A blazer that is too long can make your legs look short, while a cropped blazer may over-emphasize an ample bust. The Seamed Leather Blazer (#13014) might be a good fit for you.

Hope these tips help!

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