December 18, 2009

The Science Behind Santa's Yearly Trip Around the World

Ever wonder how Santa does it all? Gregory Mone wants you to know: the real Santa uses wormholes.

In The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve, author Gregory Mone explains the elaborate systems that make it all possible.

"The trick is that he has at his disposal some of the most advanced equipment, devices, and means of transportation in this or any other universe..." says Mone.

For instance...

Santa's red suit: It's designed for the extreme conditions that he encounters while traveling at warp speed and bending space and time. The suit is laden with metamaterials, which have the effect of bending light around a person so that they turn invisible, which can come in handy if there are curious children peeking during his Christmas deliveries.

Santa's reading glasses: They are actually equipped with what's called a "heads-up display" that lets Santa see the residents of the house he's visiting, what presents to leave, directions to the next house and more.

Santa's present detecting device: Santa knows what we want, but he doesn't know what presents our parents have already given us until he gets to the house and looks under the tree. He uses a terahertz wave radiation scanner to see through the wrapping and make out the toys inside. That way, he can leave a different one.

Worried that all this technology takes away from the magic of Santa? Not so says Mone, who cites Arthur C. Clarke, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."