December 3, 2009

Gift Giving

There was a recent debate in my family about gift giving this year. It is no secret that everyone is effected by the awful economy and money is tight all around. Everyone is pinching pennies in every way and Christmas is no exception. The debate started because the usual discussion of “what to do this year” came up.

Last year we did a yankee swap for the gift giving and the kids of the family got to pick a kid to buy for. Make them feel part of the process.

Let me just stop by saying, I do not care about the “gift” for Christmas. I care about the fun we have during the Yankee swap! It’s the time during the holiday that we are together and enjoying the moment.

The debate started with …
“Well do we want to just do the kids gift swap and the adults will just do nothing…”
I of course totally disagreed and said that we should just do the typical Yankee swap and if money was the issue then we would have a limit of $10.
Of course some people piped in with “You cant get anything with $10!”

The debate continued like this for quite some time!

I would like to say that I won that battle! We will be doing the yankee swap with a $40 limit… Not sure how $10 turned into $40 but I am not complaining!!

Do you have funny traditions or quirks that gets your family or friends in an uproar during this festive time of year??

by Jani