March 22, 2010

Too Sexy for My Catalog…

We’ve heard it all a million times before on TV, radio & magazines everywhere: sexy sells. But how sexy is too sexy? Back in 2009, metrostyle did try out the super sexy approach, like so many other fashion brands. But it just didn’t seem to fit the brand right.

Guest Blogger, Belinda B. agreed, saying:

“I like the quality of the clothing from Metrostyle. I’ve not been disappointed, ever. One comment though, the way the clothing is modeled in the catalog takes away from the value of your product. Many times your models look a bit trashy just by virtue of the way the clothes and shoes are worn, or rather, should not be worn. Otherwise, I like Metrostyle and see no reason to shop elsewhere.”

For 2010, we shed the super sexy approach and opted for a more playful-yet-flirty approach.

OK blog readers – what do you think? Do you prefer the “super sexy” look or the new “playful” approach?