March 25, 2010

Every Day is a Jeans Day

If I had to make a list of my favorite things, jeans would be at the top of my list! Dark, medium and light washes. Relaxed, curvy, bootcut and slim fits. Plain, embroidered, embellished with rhinestones, rips and tears. These are a few of my favorite things. If you haven't guessed I am a jeans kinda gal, which is why I was so excited when our company announced we could wear jeans every day! Oh my!

Jeans are no longer just for the weekend as more and more companies go casual. The jean can be dressed up with a great pair of boots and a blouse and still look professional. With so many styles out there now, it is easy to create a new look and feel everyday. Of course there are still rules to follow as to what is acceptable in the workplace. For example, jeans with rips and tears that show skin are out. Use common sense and when in doubt, save them for the weekend.

Just slipping into the perfect pair of jeans can lift your spirits. They can express a mood: relaxed fit - laid back, slim fit with embellishments - flirty. What makes a pair of jeans perfect to you? Fit, color, style? For me the fit is very important, then the style.

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by Izzy