March 8, 2010

Fashion: My Everyday Artform

By Guest Blogger: Tracy

So, just what is it that I love about fashion? To me, clothes aren’t just a way to cover up. They’re a form of art and self expression that is accessible to us every day. Even if I’m just walking to the corner store, throwing on a colorful scarf and great bag transforms me, making me feel as if I’m embarking on an adventure. Although I’m drawn to a variety of styles, it’s funky, color-drenched pieces with a glamorous edge that really captivate me. In fact, that’s why I turned to Metro Style yesterday – I was looking for a few stand-out items to punch up my wardrobe. I’d been a loyal Metro Style customer in the past (back when you were still Lerner!), and during that time I’d amassed an impressive collection of colorful shoes. Remembering this, I hunted through your clearance section and found a pair of yellow open-toed heels encrusted with rhinestones and a pair of orange and white polka dotted sandals as well as a trendy, multi-colored print top with dolman sleeves, all for just under $50.00. I can hardly wait to start building outfits around them! Maybe I’ll even end up posting them on my blog,

Metro Style’s affordable prices are another selling point for me. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding a bargain. When I shop, I head straight for the sale and clearance racks, hooked by the possibility of finding a few gems. Shopping this way is more satisfying than simply plucking a garment from a rack crammed with dozens of others just like it. Plus, buying sale stuff means you can afford to buy more. And who doesn’t want more? I imagine I’ll comb through a good many sale racks, both physical and virtual, before the arrival of my dazzling shoes and shirt.

So, thanks, Metro Style, for keeping your styles fresh and your prices low. I’m sure it won’t be long before I pop in again for another “find” to add to my closet!