March 15, 2010

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Guest Blogger: Tara T.

Now, I know you’ve seen some shoes before that you’ve told yourself that you would absolutely, under no circumstance wear. I mean even if somebody gave you the shoes you wouldn’t wear them. But in order to be a trendsetter you must, and I mean you must become daring. You have to be the one to bring something out so others can follow your trend.

So, first, challenge yourself to buy a pair of shoes that you normally wouldn’t buy. Then don’t wear the shoes until you have done what I told you in TIP 1. Go out and buy an outfit that makes the shoes stand out.

Do not purchase an outfit that will speak louder than the shoes because you are not setting a trend and no one will notice your entire “hookup.” You are never supposed to let the outfit make you, you are supposed to make the outfit.

So buy those daring shoes, purchase an outfit that just goes perfectly with the shoes, accessorize, get your hair and nails done, and then sit back and absorb all the compliments. I do it all the time, and boy, do I love it!