April 16, 2010

The Convertible Dress… Styling Video!

One of the styles we are most excited about here at metrostyle is the new Convertible Knit Dress. In a nutshell, it’s a pull-on style dress with two attached fabric sashes you can wrap, twist and tie in countless different ways to create different looks.

In fact, when our stylist got her hands on this gem of a dress, she whipped up a dozen different styling options in just as many minutes! Of course, she is a professional, so it left us asking…how easy is it to style this dress for the average woman?

To test it out, we gave the dress to our intern, Lauren, to see how she would style it. In the video above, Lauren demonstrates 4 easy ways to wear the new Convertible Knit Dress. Tell us which ones you like the best by voting on the poll!

Special thanks to our intern, Lauren, for modeling/demonstrating, and for the metrostyle blog team members for shooting and creating this fun video.