April 12, 2010

Bring Out the “U” in You

By Guest Blogger: Tara T.

Okay, so spring is definitely here, summer’s right around the corner, and it’s time to spice up that wardrobe. MetroStyle has some awesome new fashions that are dying to become a part of your wardrobe this season. It is clear that you want something fresh, vibrant, and totally you, or else you wouldn’t be a part of the MetroStyle family. Here are my fashion tips that are sure to bring out the U in you.

Spring and summer are the time for whites and other vibrant, cheerful colors and MetroStyle’s springtime line is the place to shop. If you’re a daring type of girl you want to make sure you check out MetroStyle’s New Summer Collection. Keep in mind ladies that you can be daring without being too revealing and this is why MetroStyle is the place to shop.

Remember in my first blog post when I told you it is best to not buy an entire outfit you saw on a manikin, and instead just buy the pieces you really have to have? MetroStyle allows you to do this. Their models undeniably own the outfits they are wearing, but remember only pick a piece or two and then move on.

I saw the Cap Sleeve Knit Top item # 0808-93233-1042 (which is a real steal at $19.99) in the color Horizon. I just love this shirt because I have love handles and this shirt hides them perfectly. I matched this shirt with a pair of Metro Slimmer 360 degree skinny jeans, item # 0811-14041-1079 in the color white. These jeans do something for me that no other pair of jeans would do for me, and this is hiding the areas I can’t hide with other jeans.

Then I matched both shirt and jeans with the Toe-Thong Slide item # 0836-84779-1042 in the color silver , added some silver accessories and my goodness; the compliments rolled in faster than I could handle. The reason I chose silver shoes is because picking the same color shoes as your shirt is what people did 3 years ago, and this shirt begged me to pick silver shoes. We all know that white compliments silver and vice-verse so you just can’t go wrong.

I hope these tips help you as I am sure you will pick fabulous clothes for your new wardrobe. Remember be daring, innovative and new when choosing your new wardrobe!