April 21, 2010

My Love of Shoes...

Ever since I was little I have loved shoes, you name it I love 'em. From flats, to wedges, to peep-toes, to sandals, to boots, and my summer favorite the flip-flop. If it was invented or thought of I have probably owned it.

The best thing about my love of shoes is that I don't have to buy every pair, my wallet thanks me. I have a size 6 1/2 shoe, so most of the time I can fill the void of not having a new pair of shows by just going to the store and slipping on the displays. I try on every pair that catches my eye all for free. When I was younger my mom used to avoid the shoe section completely because she knew it could be an hour ordeal of just trying on shoes.

I wouldn't even be able to say how many shoes that I have owned over the years, right now I probably have at least 30 pairs in my closet. I don't even wear them all, I have my true favorites. As I look at it you never know when you might NEED that pair of shoes, so you should just buy what you like. Everyone always jokes with me "You are buying another pair", the answer is always "I love these shoes". I don't know how others would classify my love of shoes. I would say they are a necessity, I cannot walk around bare foot in public!

Some of my favorites this season at metrostyle are, the H-Band Wedge Sandals and the Zipper Gladiator Sandals. Both of these shoes could be worn with just about anything. Do you have the same shoe obsession that I have? If so log on to metrostyle.com and order your shoes while the dress and shoe sale is still going on.

By: bjil