February 12, 2009

Valentines Xperience!

Looking for a unique gift to give to your special someone for Valentine's Day? Tired of giving or receiving the standard flowers, or chocolate. I have found the perfect gift for someone looking for something out of the ordinary. Xperience Days is a company specializing in Experience Gifts. What is an experience gift you ask. An experience gift is just as it sounds. You pay for your significant other to have an experience such as riding in a hot air balloon, or taking a gourmet culinary class, or for the real thrill seekers they even have sky diving, or flying in a fighter plane.
Yes, some of these experiences can be expensive but they do have an extensive list of gifts under $100 which in this tough economy is very important. They even provide the option of purchasing Xperience Days Dollars rather than purchasing a specific experience. So if you are out of ideas of what to buy your loved one or are tired of receiving the same old boring gifts from them drop a couple of hits leading them to the perfect Xperience.

By Sara