February 2, 2009

What was I thinking!?! Trends of the past

I always find it interesting what new trends pop up each year. Some are flashbacks from earlier eras and a few are new ideas... but no matter how ridiculous or expensive a trend is there are just some things we have to have. When I sit back and reminisce, I remember all the trends I became a fashion victim to in the past. I find myself saying to myself "What was I thinking!"

Trends of the 1980's had to be the most original. Instead of rekindling trends of the past, whatever was the most original and extreme came into favor. The influence of the media really came into play in the 1980's. Between MTV, music, television and the movies...the influence of the media on fashion was huge in the 1980's. Madonna, Dynasty, Michael Jackson, Dallas, Princess Diana, Flashdance and Miami Vice all influenced fashions during this time. No wonder the mix of trends in the 1980's was so varied.

Remember acid wash jeans, jelly shoes, shoulder pads, big punk hair, fluorescent clothing, leg warmers (multiple pairs), skids, parachute pants, lace gloves, jelly bracelets, plastic bangles, banana clips, pin/cuffing jeans. Remember the brands Ocean Pacific, Jordache, LA Gear, Izod, Vans, Members Only and Esprit?

What was the most outrageous trend you wore in the 1980's?

by Gabby