February 6, 2009

Old Friends

When I think about old friends I remember childhood friends, the boy who visited his grandparents next door that I had a wicked crush on, my great friends from the drama club in high school, my college buddies and my favorite t-shirt. That's right, my favorite lime green t-shirt! It isn't even really all that old, only about a year.

My t-shirt and my old friends make me feel comfortable, they allow me to show the real me. No hiding behind formalities. They are both always there for me. Eventually though, my t-shirt will wear out, just like old friends which may come and go, but with everything in life the good ones always last, whether it's just in your heart or stored in a box for safe keeping.

Whatever it is you love, wear it whenever you can. Surround yourself with only those clothes you love and that make you feel wonderful. There should be no doubts in your closet! That goes for friends, too. Let yourself be loved and share your love with your old friends.

Today I am not wearing my favorite shirt. I'm wearing red. I'm participating in Go Red For Women Day part of the American Heart Association along with millions of women, men, children and pets across the country.