February 13, 2009

How To Avoid The Muffin Top

The first important thing to avoid the dreaded muffin top is to wear clothes that fit you. Pay close attention to the size of the clothing you purchase especially low waisted skirts and jeans. In fact they can make a muffin top look even more pronounce and make us look heavier than what we really are. Instead choose mid-rise skirts and jeans so that the appearance of a muffin top can be concealed. Secondly if you decide to wear a belt make sure it’s not belted to tightly which can encourage the appearance of the muffin top. Wear the belt loosely but comfortable so that you do not feel constricted or position the belt below your waistline so that the belt rests loosely on your hips. This can give a leaner look to a woman who has a muffin top. Also you can add flirtatious accessories such as a handbag to draw the attention away from the midsection. If, despite the tips above, you still find that your muffin top is visible, try one of the many body-shapers that are on the market today. Choose one that is high waist to completely smooth the tummy.

By Diane