February 3, 2009

Buttons...Buttons? Buttons!!

You know how whenever you buy a garment with buttons or sequins it always comes with extra ones?.....yeah I save them too, as does every other woman I know. There are a rare few who will ever use those extra buttons on the garment it was intended for. So, I still have about 10 years of buttons even after the last purge. Buttons are cool and all, but now what?!?

There are countless articles floating out there on the net of all of the nifty things you can do with buttons. I read some of these articles and I’m sorry to inform anyone who might be reading this that owes me a birthday present, but I do not want a button wreath for my birthday, please cross that off your list; Nor would I like curtain tie backs or a bookmark, though that one is starting to look more appealing as I have a few books I’m right in the middle of reading.

A few things I did find interesting were: making your own jewelry out of the buttons or sequins, or even embellishing some jeans or putting new buttons on a shirt that could use a new look.

If you’re like me and thinking, “Wow that sounds like fun! I’d like to do that, tell me more about it. Maybe my BFF will come over and we can make jewelry together and eat nachos!” Don’t panic on my behalf.

I have two choices-

I could invite my friend over as planned, bake something and make some earrings and bracelets with basic elastic and ear wires from a craft store, get restless and decide “this is hard” (which its not, I’m just lazy) and quit after making a piece or two of jewelry, which I think is productive. Then revisit this button bucket issue next year; Or I could give my buttons to a friend and let them figure out what to do with them.

That reminds me. I need to call my sister. :)

Happy Buttoning!