June 26, 2009

Loss of a Legend

June 25th was an awful day. It started out good enough with the sun shining for the first time in weeks but later in the afternoon, it all went downhill. Michael Jackson died and with him, we lost a legend. And when I say we, I mean you, me, the world. It's a much sadder place here when you realize that the man will no longer be making music that makes us dance and sing. I must admit, Michael was one of my idols growing up. His youth, his charisma, that crazy hair.

Everything about him reeked of cool. I went gaga over Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and Beat It. Sang and danced along with friends to Thriller (come on, who didn't imitate the zombie dance moves at least once?). The 90s may have found me a bit older but I still rocked out to Black or White and Scream. I even loved the simplicity of You Are Not Alone, though it made dancing to it a bit more difficult.

Michael was an enduring musical icon, yes, and we'll definitely miss him for the music he gave us and all that he had left to give. But let's not forget that he was also a fashion maven. One that will be missed as much for his music as for his own unaffected sense of style. Michael Jackson never cared what other people thought of him and because of that, he managed to set trends like no one else could. The man pulled off tight jeans, white socks, and a button down shirt effortlessly. And his red leather jacket with zippered details and parachute pants were the epitome of the 80s. He wore gold plated military jackets far before the look became cool and there were of course the single glove, the fedora, and the arm band that he added as compliments to every outfit. He took the mundane and made it cool in much the same way that he took his lyrics and made them shine. I never thought I'd see a legend pass so quickly and so early. Michael Jackson will be missed by all of us.

by Mr.Y