June 25, 2009

Fashion Muse

One of my favorite celebrities is Pink (aka P!nk) i love her music and her attitude. she doesn’t conform to the typical pop-princess rules and has managed to be a huge success by being true to herself (or as much as she can be on a major record label). she doesn’t take herself too seriously - she knows how to have fun in her clothes & in her life. she has a good range - on all of her albums she has fast upbeat music but also has some pretty ballads. and her style is just the same - she can be styled super punky, but still has a sexy edge, other times she is very casual in a tank & cargo pants, but in a feminine way, and other times she is glamorous for the red carpet but always has her signature tattoos showing - i love it! she is definitely one of my style “hero’s”. in the fantasyland in my head, if i was a celebrity, i i think i would dress similar to her. in my day-to-day life, i definitely can’t dress to the extremes she does (i don’t have her figure either!), but i think her style is fun & inspiring.

by shirley