June 25, 2009


So a friend of mine took chance and went out on a date with a guy she met in the club.
You know how it is when you meet a guy in a club (hmm Hmm)
Let's just say they went to a chain restaurant. She was looking fly, tight dress and sexy shoes.
She ordered appetizers, chicken entree and a few drinks.

He ordered appetizers the surf and turf, and several drinks.
They laughed, they talked, they dined.

She's seeing the potential for the second date or maybe even more.

So the bill came and no one moved.
He looked at the bill and she looked at bill.
He looked and she looked.
She went to the bathroom and came back and the bill was still there.
She looked at the bill and he looked at the bill. Then he finally said, "I left my wallet at home"

Being the woman that she is she paid the bill and left him sitting at the table.
If it was me, I would ran out and left him there to wash the dishes to cover the charges.

What a Cheapo!