June 10, 2009

Are You Fashionably Eccentric?

Most guys fall in to one of 2 categories when it comes to clothing: the first kind is typically well off and is obsessed with top and middle tier brands so he can look his best. The second, is more of an average Joe who doesn’t care too much about his appearance and is therefore more inclined to purchase whatever is on sale or wear whatever his significant other buys him.

I feel like I’m a hybrid because while most of my clothes consists of the good stuff (you know.. Armani, CK etc.), I do own a select few clothes from ‘unknown’ brands. Why did I buy them? I found the fit to be great, the material is excellent and the price ($10 Jeans?)… unbelievable! Some of my female friends have felt the need to explore the contents of my closet and each time I’d get a kick out of their reaction to seeing the unknowns mixed in there. Do women shop like this too?

By keNzo