June 11, 2009

Facebook 201 - Adventures in Facebooking

As you know, I am an old fashioned girl who took a lot of convincing before I joined Facebook a couple of months ago (see Facebook 101). I thought I would share an update on my progress. ..

I have been connecting with high school friends on Facebook in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t seen these friends in over 10 years and it is fun to see their familiar faces smiling back at me once again. It is amazing how quickly Facebook has reunited us; it might have taken me 10 more years to run into just one of them at a grocery store! Now I can find quite a few old friends in the same place.

I still have not “tagged” or “poked” anyone, but I like to post photos and see who comments on them. I also like to check the metrostyle page and see what the metro ladies are saying!! One last thing that I wanted to note is that I am blogging about my experiences on Facebook. That is a lot of progress for one old fashioned girl!

By Suzy