June 5, 2009

Interviewing? What to Wear?

It’s true that a lot of companies now have a more casual dress code. Does the same code apply when interviewing with these companies? While it’s no longer necessary to suit up for a job interview, appearance is still as important as ever before. Make a great first impression by avoiding these fashion faux pas.

1. Don’t wear hot pink shoes with a matching bag! Keep colors conservative and you will send a message that you are no nonsense.
2. Don’t show too much skin! Never go with bare legs. If you can’t handle wearing stockings for a day, then pants are the obvious choice! It’s no longer true that a woman should always wear skirts to an interview. Also, avoid open toed shoes and skirts that are too short. You want to be taken seriously.
3. Don’t wear your favorite leopard headband or plastic neon bangle bracelets! The attention should be focused on you and your potential. It’s not a good idea to wear distracting pieces.
4. Don’t ever wear jeans! Even if you know denim is acceptable at the company where you are interviewing. Think of what you would wear on any given day to work, and then dress a step up. A little extra effort goes a long way.
5. Don’t chew gum! That kind of rudeness will ruin even the most perfect interview outfit.
Something like this sheath dress from metrostyle is perfect!

Now, get on out there, and good luck!

By Sarah