November 19, 2009

Are you girls making cannolis again?

Ha ha ha.... one memory my family won’t ever let my sister and I forgot...

In my opinion Thanksgiving is an American holiday. But the way I grew up, my family might of had me thinking otherwise. My family is Italian, very Italian, and they can’t help but feel comforted by a bowl of pasta next to the potatoes and stuffing. So it is only natural that we have Italian desserts. We usually have the family from New York pick up a box of assorted cookies and cannolis from Arthur Ave before making their trek up north to our house in Mass. But one particular year my mother decided it was be a good idea for my sister and I to make our own cannolis.

My mother, also being a health food freak, wanted “healthy” cannolis so she purchased ingredients such as fat-free ricotta and Splenda. BAD IDEA. (Mom if your reading this, I love you but some things you just got to go big or go home) Desserts aren’t suppose to be all that healthy for a reason that’s why they’re so good!

The filling never thicken and it slid right threw the shells as we tried to “freshly fill the cannolis”. Our family was in hysterics over our efforts but there might have been a slight disappointment in not having them to eat because they seem to never let this story go. Maybe next year...

So here’s a recipe for the good stuff! You can buy the canoli shells at any local bakery cheap.

3 c. very dry ricotta
1 c. granulated sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
Chocolate chips

Drain ricotta in a colander until very dry, overnight or longer if necessary.
Mix with sugar and vanilla.
Beat with electric mixer at high speed for 8-10 minutes.
Fold in some chocolate chips and use to fill cannoli.
Fills about 15-18 cannoli.