August 12, 2010

The Summer Blockbuster Vs. The Chic Flick

Summer is normally filled with big box office action flicks. Remember when Will Smith ruled the summer with smash hits like Men in Black, and Independence Day? Well to be honest I’m not all that impressed with the action film selection this year. Yes, Inception looks interesting and is raking in the $$$ but the storyline is so out there I’m not sure if it’s worth paying $11 per ticket, especially if I might have to see it again in order to properly understand the plot and ending.

Actually, I prefer romantic chic flick movies and boy do those have my attention this summer! My weekend plans are to get a group of my girlfriends together and see Eat Pray Love. I adored the book so how could you go wrong with turning it into a movie staring Julia Roberts? I will also be seeing Charlie St. Cloud in a few weeks, right after finish the book. Most importantly, can’t wait till the Last Song comes out on DVD next week. I missed its' run in the theaters and Nicholas Sparks is pure romantic genius.

So what will you be watching? Chic Flicks or Action/Summer Blockbusters?