August 16, 2010

2010 Wardrobe Must Have's

Afternoon Ladies: As you all know I’m in the process of updating my fall wardrobe (reference my LDB post). Especially my wardrobe staples; Black/Grey/Tan Dress, Trench Coat, Pencil Skirt and Blazer.

But I love to have classic styles with more flair and pizzazz then the regular person. So, exactly how do these pieces translate into something unique I know my friends won’t have? Well I’ve come up with my 2010 metrostyle season must haves, do they match yours?

2010 metrostyle Must Haves:

  1. Python Print Skirt– The cool grey and tones will match with mostly anything while the animal print will make it stand out!
  2. Pleated Surplice Dress – Will be perfect on its own or can easily be paired with a sweater, vest or belt to add drama.
  3. Textured Metallic Blazer – This blazer adds shine while still be ale to add brightly colored tops for extra wow!
  4. Belted Leather Coat – A Trench Coat styled Leather Jacket?...what more could a girl ask for!