August 20, 2010

A Fashionista's Attempt At Being A Party Hostess

Typically I’m excited for the weekend, but not this week. Believe it or not I’m actually dreading the weekend. Why you ask? Well, I’m hosting a big shin-dig at my house and I’m a bit nervous. The party is celebrating three major life events; my birthday (another yr older, great), our new house (my hubby and I just bought and settled into a new home 6 weeks ago) and my sister just got engaged (super excited). Yes, I’m happy for all these great things but I’m a little freaked out about pulling off a great party. I consider myself an ok cook and a great hostess but 50 people all at once? All I keep thinking is…Will I have enough food? Will there be enough parking? Is the house clean enough? Will everyone have fun? I could keep going but I really just need an outsider’s opinion and help. What are your tips for throwing a great party? What has helped keep you cool and calm under the pressure?