August 6, 2010

The Travel Blunders of a Fashionista

So I just returned from my vacation and had any amazing time. The rapids were awesome, the scenery was spectacular and it was relaxing to get away from the everyday “hustle and bustle”. But I will admit I did have a few mishaps in my travels. They were small and we were able to laugh at them (as I’m sure you will).
  1. Our car got a flat tire, our spare was also flat and for some reason no one had their AAA card on them…
  2. My trusty water sandals were not so trusty…They broke and I was left barefoot 10 minutes into our rafting adventure.
  3. All our clothes were wrinkled and mismatched… This I admit is my fault because I forgot to pack in advance so I had my husband throw stuff in a bag (I really think that’s just what he did) while I was at work.
Obviously I need travel advice for the future. What are your top 5 travel necessities? Better yet what is the best advice you can offer when traveling?