January 30, 2009

Clothing for a Cause

As you can imagine, working for a clothing company certainly has some pretty nice perks. But last week, I learned two magic words that made me love my association with metrostyle and the Boston Apparel Group even more. Those two magic words: Sample Sale.

Last weekend, the Boston Apparel Group opened it’s warehouse to employees, friends and family and allowed us to purchase merchandise samples (i.e. items from photo shoots, production samples, etc.). Dresses, shoes, pants, blazers...you name it! All at insanely low prices.

I’d love to say that my favorite part of this event was that all the proceeds raised went to charity (over $10,000!). But I must be honest, my favorite part was getting a pair of the snake print pumps from the new 09 collection – for a steal!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m proud of my company for the huge chunk of change raised for charity. And I'm glad I was able to contribute. But I can't deny the thrill of finding the one thing I was craving most at a price even my husband can't complain about.