May 14, 2009

The Crazy Things Kids Say

My 4-year-old nephew, Austin, is the funniest person I know. You just never know what he is going to say!

For example, while making a Mother’s Day Card at preschool, the kids were given some open-ended questions and asked to answer in their own words. Austin's answers:

My mom is... 33 years old, just like my dad.

My mom is the prettiest when... she wears her pink slippers.

My mom likes to... pretend I'm a little piece of dirt.

My mom always says, "I'm going to vacuum you, you little piece of dirt."

My mom is funny when she... tries to vacuum my sister, too.

Of course, my sister then had to explain to Austin’s preschool teachers that whenever she pulls out the vacuum, it becomes a game. He runs around the living room and she’ll chase him, saying things like, "Oh, look! There's a little piece of dirt on the floor! I need to vacuum that up!" He laughs and jumps onto a piece of furniture. Fun, right?

Of course, it really doesn’t sound quite right in a Mother’s Day card…

By: Bren B