May 12, 2009

White Wedding??

Ahhh weddings!!! So beautiful. The bride; glowing, the flowers; perfectly bloomed, the food; magnificent. The bridesmaids…fighting???

Bridesmaid drama has been going on for years and will continue on for more years to come. “I hate the dress”, “this is too expensive”, “I can’t stand ____.” Fill in the blank. You name it, they will complain about it. If you are a lucky bride you will never know of this drama. One minute they are arguing with one another and giving attitude, the next, they are all smiles walking down the aisle, you as the bride are none the wiser..clueless of the petty arguments that are happening behind your back.

The arguing is not because the girls are mad at the bride. It’s the multiple personalities clashing and trying to plan events that everyone needs to agree on. Each person needs their opinion heard. We are all contributing our time and money, so I understand being vocal, but sometimes there is a line that should not be crossed. It needs to be understood that we are all different, and we all like different things, but the end goal is to make the bride have fun and be happy! How can that happen if everyone is focused on themselves and what they want?

The bride has picked each girl for a reason, she loves them and wants them to share her special day, and she feels they have something to contribute to her wedding day. What I am finding though is that “something special” can sometimes be a bad attitude…

By Beth