May 19, 2009

Guys and Shoes

It really drives me crazy when guys don't know what shoes to wear with their clothes. It's annoying to see a guy wearing a really nice outfit with...sneakers or wearing a more casual outfit, like jeans, with a dressy pair of shoes. I don't really get what makes it so difficult for men to understand what shoes to put on with what's not rocket science! I guess it just comes easier for the female population, and we know right away what shoes to wear, or bettet yet what NOT to wear. Guys really need to start taking notice of what they put on their feet because it's something a lot of ladies notice...don't you agree?

There are just some things men will never be able to do without the help of a smart, stylish woman. Picking out their shoes will probably always be one of them! Do you ever have to pick out your husband's, boyfriend's, brother's, son's or even dad's shoes?? Because I do! MEN!!!