May 22, 2009

Out at sea with NKOTB!

Well, it's already here and gone. I can't believe it! I'm still glowing from the trip and thrilled with the experience. It was TOTALLY worth it. I was never one of those girls who knew every detail about the New Kids on the Block. As a matter of fact I recall my friend laughing hysterically at me for saying Joey's last name wrong in HS. It's sheer blasphemy, I know, for any hardcore NKOTB fan.

We boarded the ship on Friday 5/15 and the guys came out for a big sail away party. They sang and greeted fans and were just cool guys! There were games, Q&A sessions, concerts and plenty of opportunities to meet the guys, including a photo session that I'll never forget! We were photographed in somewhat random groups of 10. I walked right up to Jonathan, we very politely shook hands and I said "if it's not too forward, may I sit on your lap?" Remember that line from Dirty Dancing "I carried a watermelon!" yeah, that's me! Can't wait to get the picture though!!

The previous day we had a near collision with Donnie and Danny and their security guards in the hallway as they judged the door decorating contest. Danny turned to my friends and I and said "Do any of you have a Sharpie?" We very quietly shook our heads and replied "noooooo." haha Then we all but ran away. I've never thought of myself as being the kind of girl who gets star struck, but it was just so cool to be on this huge ship and randomly run into these guys!

So, I had an amazing time and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a great kickoff to the summer. The metrostyle clothes I bought were perfect for the hot Bahamas weather. There is one important lesson to be learned though. When you have a specific dress you're planning on wearing to an event, make sure you have similar straps on your bathing suit! (photo is NOT me)

Have a super-fantastic summer everyone!