May 6, 2009

Q&A: What's the best style for me?

Dear metrostyle fashion team:
I have skinny legs. I love dresses, shirts, shorts. What is the best style for me? ~ Gloria

Hi Gloria.

There are lots of different styles of dresses shorts and skirts you can wear. The key is to keep the style in proportion to your silhouette. So if you have skinny legs, you'll want to look for "skinny" or straight silhouettes. Avoid styles with a lot of volume: full skirts, wide legs, etc.

For dresses, a sheath or chemise style would be great on you. Of course, if you don't want to show your legs at all, the maxi dress is a super hot trend that works on almost anyone!

For skirts, look for a pencil silhouette or even a column silhouette if you prefer a longer length. The key here is to show just the right amount of leg...avoid ultra-short mini skirts and anything with too much volume.

Last but not least - shorts! Here, it's particularly important to stay away from styles that are baggy. Instead, look for Bermuda shorts or walking shorts that fit close to the leg...both styles are super hot right now, so you'll have a lot of options.

Hope this helps!


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